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This is your Captain Speaking: Success for Female Pilots 在中国的成功女飞行员们

When was the last time that you heard “this is your captain speaking” from a female voice? The reason you’re racking your brains is because there really aren’t that many female pilots. Estimates from the International Society of Women Airline Pilots (ISA) say there are about 4,000 women pilots worldwide, of about 130,000, that’s just over three per cent.


However, in the past ten years since 2000, the number of women pilots in the U.S. has risen by nearly 19%. And the number of women who have achieved the highest certification, Airline Transport Pilot, has increased 35%, according to Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) statistics. An airplane captain's first responsibility is the safety of the aircraft, passengers, crew and cargo. Secondly, the captain makes a flight plan that covers fuel supply, aircraft weight, weather, route and alternate destination. Prior to taking off, the captain checks that the plane is working properly, briefs crew members, verifies take off procedures, and receives take off permission from air traffic control. In flight, the captain, with the assistance of the co-pilot,performs most of functions necessary to fly the plan to the destination and completes a report upon landing.

然而,自2000年以来,在过去的10年间,根据联邦航空机构(FAA)统计,美国女飞行员的比率增长到了19%, 越来越多的女飞行员得到了最高的资格证书,航线飞行员达到了35%。作为一个机长的需要承担的首要责任即为维护飞机,飞行员,乘务员,乘客和货物的安全。其次,起飞前包括燃油供给,飞机重量,天气路线及目的地变更的飞行计划也都需要由机长进行制定。此外,机长还需要负责检查确认起飞前飞机的正常运作,接收来自交通管控的起飞和降落的许可,并在飞行中,最终与副架一起协作执行自己的任务完成降落报告。

The captain is the highest decision maker on the plane. Assuming the role not only requires skilled driving techniques, but also need determined decision-making power and cautious planning ability. Women captains have a better ability to be delicate and have a more graceful control touch, However, they will need to assume have greater physical training compared to male captains. Among civil aviation pilots, it had been reported that the proportion was 99:1 (male : female). With the increasing demand of Chinese civil aviation cadet foreign market to foreigner pilots, more and more outstanding foreign female captains also joined the ranks of civil aviation.

机长就是飞机上所有指令的最高决策人。能承担起这样的角色不仅需要娴熟的驾驶技术,更需要果敢的决策魄力和谨慎的计划能力。女机长有更加细致优雅的掌控能力,但相比于男机长需要承担更大的体能训练,在中国的民航机长中的比率有媒体报道为99:1。 随着中国民航外籍招飞市场对外籍飞行员的需求日益增长,越来越多的优秀外籍女机长也加入到了中国各大民航队伍中。

In the second half of 2015, various media, including China major media newspapers, and CCTV Network Channel, reported the story of Kimberly Brooke Mccraw (Her Chinese name is Jin Beili), who was an American female captain, joined Xiangpeng, Yunnan. After a series of rigorous interview and various tests, Kimberly Brooke Mccraw (48 years old) got the CAAC license and soon began performing tasks for captain Xiangpeng, Yunnan.

2015年下半年,在中国各大媒体报纸,和CCTV网络频道报道了第一位加入云南祥鹏美国籍女机长的Kimberly Brooke Mccraw金贝丽的故事。48岁的美国机长金贝丽在经过了严格的面试和各项测试后,获得CAAC 执照并很快开始为云南祥鹏执行机长任务。视频链接:

When she was 16 years old, she yearned for work in China. For a foreigner, living and working in China will take time to coordinate. For a female captain who needs to assume caption’s responsibility, she needs more strong character and unwavering faith. At work, with her strong individuality, professional flight technology and extensive flight experience, she won the affirmation of the company. In life, she studied Chinese very hard, hoping to communicate with colleagues and friends in Chinese, and to integrate into the local culture. At the same time, she continuously adapted to Chinese diet culture. The sensibility of the woman let her quickly integrate into Chinese culture. For her part, through her efforts, she gained a superior, stable and respected job, and she was very satisfied. She also plans that let her daughters to visit China during the summer vacation to get to understand Chinese culture.

在她16岁的时候就很向往可以在中国工作, 对于一个外国人来说,在中国生活和工作都需要时间去协调磨合,对于一个需要承担起机长责任的女机长来说,则需要更加坚强的性格和坚定不移的信念。在工作上,金贝丽凭着自己坚韧的个性、专业的飞行技术及丰富的飞行经验赢得了公司的肯定;生活上,她努力学习中文,希望可以用中文和同事,朋友进行交流,融入当地的文化。与此同时,也不断的适应中国饮食文化。女人的感性让金贝丽很快融入了中国文化。对于金贝丽来说,她的努力换来的是一份优越、稳定并且受人尊重的工作,她非常满意。她也计划在女儿们每年逢暑假的时候,接到中国,一起了解中国的文化。

Brookfield introduced lots of pilots to the domestic airlines, among them, there are many excellent female captions, in addition to excellent professional skills, their stable and bold personality has also received great affirmation in the industry.

在Brookfield向中国各大航空推送的飞行员中, 不乏优秀的女机长,除了优秀的专业技术能力,稳定和果敢的个性都在业内受到了很大的肯定。

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