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Pilots’ life - full of passion in the sky

Otto Lilienthal- the 19th century ‘flying man’ stated: “One can get a proper insight into the practice of flying only by actual flying experiments. The manner, in which we have to meet the irregularities of the wind, when soaring in the air, can only be learnt by being in the air itself. The only way which leads us to a quick development in human flight is a systematic and energetic practice in actual flying experiments”. The pilot job is challenging but is extremely worthy to compass.

What is the most fun part of pilot job?

When being asked about this, our Captain Mike reveals: “The most fun part of my job is the flying, without question. From the moment the cockpit door is closed until when it is opened, flying is an increasing challenge everyday but it is the most rewarding and the perfect mixture of art, science and magic.” Achieving excellence is the biggest challenge but is also what pilots always try their best to accomplish, while the pilots try to make it the most comfortable experience for the passengers.

The meaningful ordinaries in pilots’ lives

Every pilot has a favorite aeroplane. For some it‘s the aeroplane that has the best takeoff and climb performance, for some it’s just air conditioning that works and left over first class meals. In their simplest form, aeroplanes are tools. What pilots are looking to accomplish will decide which plane they would consider a favorite.

Paul Thompson is an Aviation journalist with 15 years airline industry experience. He says: “ American Pilots’ majority opinions confirm one of the best things in the flying industry is the camaraderie, whilst main-line pilots treat each other with equal respect as peers. To be voted, the best perks of the job is that almost any airline pilot in the country can go to the airport and ride for cheap, even free on the jump seat of almost any other airline. This certainly raises the exposure to pilots who work at different airlines.

“As a result, pilots look out for each other, even if they work for a competing company. All in all, they get along. When pilots pass one another in the terminal, usually they will exchange a nod. It is not a greeting, so much as it is a share understanding of how infatuated this job is... basically a ‘yeah, me too’.”

Pilots are not only expert on the airplane but also combatants in all situations

To clear up one misconception that people have about airlines or pilots, one anonymous pilot says he wishes that everybody knows how hard that most of the frontline employees at any airline work. Pilots are all well aware that most of the time air travel isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. Just know that most of the pilots are trying their best as they can with the limited resources that they have available. Pilots are not only experts of weather to avoid severe weather, unexpected troubles, flying regulations, how to handle effective communications and adherence to instructions with ground based centres; but also specialists of different systems in the aircraft and the limitations of the aircraft. Most importantly, they ensure that aircraft are always flown within the safe envelope without exceeding any of the limitations even in case some failure had occurred or the weather has deteriorated.

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