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Turn Adversity into True Power

A Journey of Self-Love and Acceptance

In this article, author Anna Ngan-Tran shares her personal experience of being left at the altar and how she used the power of self-love and acceptance to overcome that adversity. Through her story, Anna offers a message of hope and inspiration, reminding readers that even in the darkest moments, choosing to love is the fastest way to lead to liberation and empowerment.

Being left at the altar has already been painful enough. The fact it happened on the morning of the wedding day is the biggest nightmare any bride can imagine. Guess what? That was what happened to me! To give you a bit of context, my ex and I had been together for 5.5 years and going through up and down in life. As much as I wanted to start a family, the truth was we were going in different directions in life.

On that morning of receiving that ‘news’, I was searching for the truth, so I can be free. Mrs Caroline Myss, a spiritual teacher, whom I found her videos on YouTube has said ‘People suffer when they deny the reality’. Even though I was in deep pain I do not want to suffer any further. I want to be free, and I want to be at peace. The one and only way to do that is to accept and embrace reality, so I can move on quickly with my life.

Mrs Caroline Myss had changed my life BIG TIME without knowing how her wisdom has made a tremendous impact and potentially save me from heartbreak for years in one of my most difficult times.

It gives me the courage to share my journey of overcoming wedding cancellation with other women out there because I know how painful it is when somebody we love abandoned us.

This was me doing to workshop ‘Coaching for Leaders’ for a corporation in Vietnam, on 09th July 2022. Nobody could ever know what just happened to me 1.5 months ago. Here I was, standing right back up to fight for what truly represents me.

To give myself permission to share this vulnerable story, I have to remind myself that, those lessons are not meant to be kept, but to be the light to shine on somebody else darkness. That was the reason, I wrote the Book ‘Shine Like A Diamond’, and how practising self-love and self-acceptance have helped me tremendously to overcome the wedding cancellation. Instead of blaming and being resentful of my ex for his decision, I decided to fully embrace the event without any resistance. After going through my healing process, 1 month after, I say thanks to him for cancelling the wedding and acknowledge his decision was the best for both of us.

Whenever I share this story, it has become very disruptive to people. They could not comprehend how that can be possible. The truth is, I have been practising self-love for a while, so embracing the wedding cancellation and letting go of the resentment is the act that comes from self-love. So that, I can put my focus, energy and time into the things that truly serve me.

One thing I have learned profoundly through that journey. Even in the most painful moment, YOU STILL CAN CHOOSE LOVE INSTEAD OF WAR. Choosing love is the FASTEST WAY to overcome adversity, setbacks, and challenges. And I can tell you by embracing self-love and self-acceptance, you can turn any adversity into your source of strength, inspiration, brilliance, resilience, leadership, empowerment, forgiveness, wisdom, and love.

Imagine if you can turn anything happening in your life into love, appreciation, and gratitude, you can truly step into your self-mastery. And having the ability to master yourself is the true power according to the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu.

Download your free E-BOOK and begin the journey of self-love and self-acceptance Today.

I promise it will change your life forever.

With love, Anna

About the Author

I'm Anna and I'm passionate about empowering people to live their best life and reach their full potential. With my rich experience in business, coaching, and personal development, I know what it takes to live an empowering life.

I wanted to share my knowledge and personal experience with you in my book 'Shine Like A Diamond'. In the book, you'll learn how to transform adversity into strength, overcome self-doubt, move on from a toxic relationship, and practice unconditional self-love.


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