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VIP Helicopters: The New Private Aviation

Private jet utilisation it is a well-known concept for all of us, but nowadays the real shakers in the VIP world are customised helicopters. By combining smooth flights with luxury interiors and low noise signatures, VIP helicopter transport is an increasingly popular segment. From the market point of view helicopter air taxi and VIP services are making up a growing share of usage. It can be argued that air taxi services can offer the same benefits of using a private jet: your own plane, no crowds, no security lines, and just an easy and pleasant experience.

VIP Helicopter – Luxury interiors

So what are the main reasons for the increasing demand in this sector?

First of all, helicopter flights are well suited to accessing crowded and hard to reach places. They can land in relatively small places such as hotel roofs, remote regions and fields. Amazing panoramic views are offered to the clients as they are flown to the desired destination within the committed time frame. Additionally, the service can be tailored based on the client’s personal requirements.

On the VVIPs world the demand does not reflect just on a workday private helicopter. What is very important at the same time is flying in total comfort. Hence, VIP helicopters are known for their luxury interiors, featuring high-end seats, cabinetry and accents. Luxury can come in all shapes and sometimes it might be so simple as upgrading the flooring and recovering the seats, which can give a helicopter interior an entirely new look. Luxury in the helicopter VIP market can be also associated with creating a one of a kind aircraft tailored look.

However, it is not only about looks. Comfort and reduced noise levels are essential. VIP passengers do not wear noise reduction headsets on their private jets. The good news is that they do not need to wear them during a helicopter ride too. As the technology is constantly changing and improving, more features are included on the VIP helicopters. A very important feature are the electro-chromic windows. These windows have two layers of glass to reduce the noise in the cabin. Therefore, this particular feature makes the helicopter ideal for business meetings as well.

What is ahead?

Without a doubt innovation it is what we are looking forward to. A game changer in civil aviation will be the expected AW609 - the half- plane, half helicopter. The AW609 merges the best features of a helicopter and airplane, which will have a capacity of 9 passengers initially. An aircraft that can take off and land like a helicopter but fly farther and more quickly like an aeroplane, will attract customers from both helicopter and executive jet worlds.


One thing is certain. This will be only the beginning of innovation. The travel experience will change forever when the market for flying cars, known as electric air taxis, will be ready for take-off.


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