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Investment for Aviation and Aerospace

With over 30 years of experience in the market, Brookfield has an extensive contact network in the aviation industry. We are also highly connected with venture capital and angel investors, royal families in the Middle East, and firms, investment groups and airlines in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. Within our portfolio, we have various pre-commercial and commercial companies around the world that are currently developing technologies and taking their businesses to a next level by partnering with or finding an investment via debt or equity. Brookfield’s current investment offerings can be seen here:

For instance, we have a satellite, blackfish and flying fish technology company, a scheduled airline with AOC, a pre-launch start-up airline, private charters for investment, a 135 operator for sale, a business jet manufacturer, cargo B747, aircraft management, an aviation group, and next-generation technologies development. All these companies have unique selling points and are strongly competitive within their market.

Follow the next link to request a teaser and get further details about available projects to invest:

This is a warm welcome to the companies thriving to be positioned in the market and looking for an opportunity to expand their business. Contact our team of experts to have an initial understanding of the projects on offer, or if you are seeking investment, of your project and needs. We ask for no retainer, nor upfront payment so feel free to reach out anytime for further information.

If you represent a company looking to raise capital you can contact us to analyse your project with our experienced finance team: / / /


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