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Brookfield Clients Sign Launch Customer Agreement

Left to right : Joseph Cox (WheelTug Quality Manager), Isaiah Cox (WheelTug CEO), Michael Harrington (AlbaStar CEO), Jan Vana (WheelTug Director), David George (Brookfield CEO), Tomas Vana (WheelTug Director), Paul Osorio (Brookfield Aviation Director Business Development and Strategy)

History was made at the Farnborough Air Show on 20th July when two of Brookfield Aviation’s most valued customers, WheelTug ( and Albastar (, signed an agreement whereby Albastar has become the European launch customer for WheelTug’s innovative electric taxi solution. This will be utilised across Albastar’s Boeing 737NG fleet.

The WheelTug system allows aircraft to move around the airport gate areas and taxiways without the use of tow tugs or jet engines. It is installed on aircraft as a retrofit and power is provided by electric motors inside the nosewheels. This enables a streamlining of the pushback process and creates savings in time and fuel, reduces emissions, noise and maintenance costs and most importantly saves money – an estimated $1 million per aircraft in the first year, rising to $2 million after five years. 25 airlines representing over 2,000 aircraft have already reserved systems and FAA approval and entry into service is expected in 2023.

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