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The Vital Role of Aviation Maintenance Careers

In the intricate web of aviation, the unsung heroes ensuring the safety and efficiency of aircraft are the aviation maintenance professionals. From meticulous technicians to certified mechanics, these individuals play a pivotal role in the industry's operation. 


Aviation maintenance personnel operate in highly specialised roles, requiring expertise acquired through rigorous training or hands-on experience. While FAA certification is not mandatory, professionals typically fall into distinct categories: 


Non-certificated Technicians: 

  •     Perform work supervised by a certificate-holding person or entity. 

  •     Contribute specialised skills, such as avionics, composite maintenance, or non-destructive inspection. 


  •    Endorsed by their certificate-holding employer. 

  •    Authorised to supervise or execute specific maintenance tasks. 


Certificated Mechanics: 

  •     Individually certificated under 14 CFR part 65, subpart D. 

  •     Hold certificates for airframe and/or powerplant maintenance, indicating extensive knowledge and skills. 


Inspection Authorisation (IA): 

  •     Extends the privileges of A&P mechanics. 

  •     Requires comprehensive knowledge and experience, demonstrated through a rigorous IA Knowledge Test. 


As aviation maintenance professionals wield tools, test equipment, and cutting-edge technologies, their work environments vary—ranging from hangars and flight lines to repair stations and high-tech facilities near major airports. The nature of their tasks demands diverse skills, including carpentry, electrical work, structural engineering, and even computer programming. 


The realm of aviation maintenance is not limited to large airlines; opportunities abound in business aviation, fixed-base operators, manufacturers, repair stations, and educational institutions.  

Continuous technical education, community engagement, and networking empower professionals to forge independent careers and contribute to the industry's growth. 


We at Brookfield diligently curate a wide range of opportunities within the aviation maintenance sector, demonstrating a keen understanding of the specialised skills and expertise that engineers bring to the table.  


With a meticulous approach, we consistently identify and offer a wide range of aviation maintenance jobs tailored to the unique skill sets of engineers. 


Whether it be positions in aircraft maintenance, repair, or operations management, we ensure that professionals in the aviation industry find roles that not only match their technical prowess but also provide a platform for continuous growth and development. 


By consistently presenting diverse job opportunities, we stand as a reliable facilitator for engineers seeking positions that align with their expertise, contributing to the overall success and innovation within the aviation maintenance field. 


Check out our job portal  for more information. 


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