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The British Aviation Experience 2022

We are now taking bookings for British Aviation Experience 2022. This comprehensive 12-day aviation course for boys and girls ages between 14-18 years old, all of whom have a passion for aviation and ambition to become airline pilots or engineers, will be taking place in the UK from July 13th – 24th 2022.

Please look at this brief video from previous courses:

This unique 12-day residential course in the U.K. provides an insight into what it is like to work within the aviation industry. Students experience many aspects of the life of an airline professional, pilot or aircraft engineer. This includes flying lessons on light aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic lessons, full-motion jet simulator, air law, aviation communications, aircraft maintenance, safety and emergency training. There are also visits to airline headquarters, survival and self-defence training, and lectures from aviation experts.

The course is an excellent way to help young people decide whether they would like a career in aviation, and it is a wonderful experience for the participants, who gain flying experience, a broader outlook on life and a range of professional skills and knowledge. Overall, this course gives students a firm understanding of the industry and where they might fit within it.

Some students have gone on to study at various universities, including a few that have or will be attending De Montfort University Leicester’s aerospace engineering BEng , Bucks New University’s BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training programme here in the UK. Others are working within the industry within airport services whilst they aspire by training to become a pilot.

Several students are currently studying aviation or aerospace engineering here in the UK at University of Southampton and Kingston College. These students will either pursue engineering as a career or use it as a stepping stone to their pilot career, with one engineering student being already accepted to L3 Harris Flight School.

2022 is sure to inspire another group of students to achieve their goals within the industry. If you are a young person thinking about a career in aviation or know of a young person with an interest in the industry, please get in touch to find out more about the programme. Please contact


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