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Tackling the Pilot Shortage in USA

Pilot shortages have become critical for airlines in the US recently. Thousands of scheduled flights were being cancelled mostly due to pilot shortage, while travel demand is increasing. Not only that, the rapid spread from the COVID Omicron variant causes many pilots sick leave, self-isolation and being unable to perform duties. In December 2021, United’s regional partners parked nearly 100 regional jets due to not having pilots to perform the flights.

The root cause of the coming shortage in the US, is an ageing workforce facing mandatory retirement, fewer pilots exiting the military, and barriers to entry, including the cost of training. According to research from Oliver Wyman, the whole country faces a shortage of more than 12,000 pilots by the end of 2023.

Airlines are pulling out all the benefits to attract talent and encourage more people to become pilots. Many airlines offer a massive signing bonus, increased salary, provide free type-rating training, are flexible with the requirement and open to hire foreign pilots, such as from Australia, Singapore and Chile.

US regional carriers often have to fight the hardest to attract talent given the variety of competition. After decades of low pay, intense training, and furloughs, pilots are being given an opportunity to shape their own career path while getting paid more.

Initiatives to increase the pilot resources for US Airlines

Many US airlines are willing to take onboard personnel outside their national scope. It is known, there are few alternatives available that can help airlines to open new sources of experienced and qualified pilots. Although there is not a unique visa that specialises in aviation personnel, the aviation industry in the United States can take advantage of temporary alternatives to attract qualified personnel needed. Skywest Airlines, Champlain Enterprises and Mesa Airlines are on the list of visa sponsorship in the United States.

At Brookfield Aviation, we are up to date with information on main initiatives for nonimmigrant temporary workers that can help your airline extend the crew resources. We are able to provide our expertise and insightful knowledge in recruiting foreign pilots and engineering personnel who could be eligible for applying for the US visa / green card. In this way your airline can take a proactive approach to tackling the crew shortage issue. Upon request, we would be delighted to share the full details of those initiatives for your consideration.

What Can You Count on from Brookfield Aviation?

We have a long history of providing +170 airlines worldwide an excess of 5,000 aviation professionals on a contract or direct hire including pilots, engineers, consultants and aviation personnel on all variants of scale for airline operations. We have an active database of more than 60,000 aviation personnel and various marketing channels, which ensure that we have sufficient candidates through our networks who are available and qualified for the growing needs of the airline.

Our ultimate goal is to work closely with our airline clients and to understand what needs to be done promptly and accurately to ensure the efficiency of your operations. Simultaneously, using our privileged position in the aviation market to provide the very best support and the most personally and professionally qualified contract personnel, and hence strengthening your growth strategies and competitive position in this marketplace.

We have offices in the UK, Colombia, Japan, China, The Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam and Ukraine, and experienced staff from different professional backgrounds. This unique business model allows us to provide 24 hours’ time-zone support to stakeholders, including airlines, pilots and other personnel. We conduct our business with integrity and in a responsible manner, which enables us to gain credibility with the pilots and the airlines.

Testimonials from Brookfield’s candidates for the airline contracts in the USA.

Captain Vidal "The process was very professional with well-appreciated fast recruitment. I started ground school on January 4th in the headquarters of my new employer in the US and we felt really welcome by this family spirit brand new Airline. I feel so blessed of this new opportunity in my flying career and the future looks really promising. I will never thank enough the Brookfield team for all their help."

Captain Hassan: ‘Thank you very much for all you have done for me, you did a great job arranging for my interview and recognizing the qualification for the job. I was offered the job the same day of my interview and started class three days later due to the effort that you have put into this process. Thank you for everything’

We are here to support your airline to achieve your mission and enable you to achieve professional success! Contact our team: Anna Tran to discuss in more detail.


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