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Swiss Authorities Permit General Visual Inspections Using AI and Automated Drones

Jet Aviation has received approval from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) to utilise automated drones and AI technology for general visual inspections (GVIs) of aircraft. This innovative approach allows for a comprehensive visual record of an aircraft’s exterior, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime for Pre-Purchase Inspections (PPIs). 


GVIs are essential maintenance checks that identify defects on aircraft surfaces. With this approval, Jet Aviation can now use drones and AI to perform these checks, providing detailed, paperless reports for customers and maintenance teams. Initially launched in 2023 for non-regulated services such as PPI inspections, paint quality checks, and insurance or warranty inspections, these automated services are now available for regulated inspections on business jets like the Gulfstream G280, G550, and G650, as well as narrow- and wide-body aircraft. 


Jeremie Caillet, Jet Aviation president, emphasised the company's commitment to innovation, stating, “as our customers and industry evolve, we are committed to innovation in service of an ongoing seamless experience across all of our lines of business.” This integration of cutting-edge technology into maintenance operations aligns with Jet Aviation’s goal of providing superior service across its global network. 


As a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics, Jet Aviation employs around 4,000 people across 50 locations worldwide, offering services in aircraft management, sales, charter, completions, defence, FBO, maintenance, and staffing. This milestone, as highlighted by Donecle on LinkedIn, marks a significant advancement in aircraft maintenance, paving the way for discussions with other authorities to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable inspections using Donecle’s drone technology. 


At Brookfield Aviation International, we understand that this development highlights the need for aviation staff members to keep updated on industry developments, educate themselves to meet demands and concentrate on utilising cutting-edge technology to improve customer happiness and service efficiency. 



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