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Study Air Transport Management in the UK

One of the most important milestones in my life was pursuing the Masters degree in Air Transport Management at Loughborough University, UK. I was born and raised in Vietnam, having had a huge passion for aircraft and airports since a very early age. Prior to my study in aviation, my education and career had nothing to do with planes. Then I decided to start doing something that I love, and it has really enabled me to take a step forward in my aviation career.

What the course looks like:

The programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive, practical and critical understanding of the regulatory, operational and commercial environment of Air Transport Management and equip graduates with a range of transferrable knowledge and advanced research skills that can be applied in the workplace. The course is designed to equip students to pursue a career in different sectors of the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, freight and logistics companies, aviation consultancies and aerospace companies.

The course is generally comprised of lecture modules and a research project at the end of the teaching year. Many modules that I went through included case study project sessions and seminars that were led by senior visitors from aviation industry in the UK. Throughout the academic year, we also had the opportunity to visit Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport. From the airport’s landside to the airside, we met all sort of people working at the airport, allowing us to have a more thorough perspective on the airport’s activities.

Experience and life as an international student in the UK:

Studying abroad always sounds challenging for most of us, from language barrier, being lonely sometimes, to cultural differences. Personally, I envisaged all of these prior to coming to the UK and made sure to get fully prepared. I was also very fortunate to have the support from my family who came along with me to the UK, but especially from my teachers and my classmates, who always did the upmost for me.

Twelve months studying at Loughborough University was unforgettable to me, and I would advise you to make the most of it. Indeed, you need to balance many things together at the same time and to make wise choices. You would ask yourself these kinds of questions at some point: Should I start the coursework as early as possible or leave it until the last minute? Should I discuss with my supervisor as I am having some issues with the lectures or projects? Should I go to the library or go to the pub and have some pints with my mates? Well, I would really suggest you focusing on your study while still having an entertaining side at the same time. Do not hesitate to read a lot, ask as many questions as you could, attend the events, and enjoy yourself. It is a unique experience in your lifetime.

Job opportunities after your study

Certainly, you need to keep an eye on job opportunities while you are studying. Make sure that you attend as many job events as you can. But most importantly, try to build up your professional connection with the sector that you would like to work for, e.g. on LinkedIn. At the end of the day, I reckon that most of the students’ resumes are relatively similar, the difference comes from the contact that you have and to know how to turn it into job opportunities.

Why not you?

If you wish to start or take a step forward in your aviation career, we are here to help. Brookfield Aviation is proud to present the MSc Air Transport Management and Meng/BEng Aeronautical Engineering programmes at De Montfort University (DMU), UK. In particular, you would have the chance to work with Professor Lucy Budd and Professor Stephen Ison, who used to supervise me at Loughborough University, and are now teaching Air Transport courses at DMU. To find out more about the course, please click here or contact us at for more details.


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