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POWERFUL AND FLEXIBLE: MINT TMS Training Management System

More than ever, innovation and digitalization are set to play an important role in the restart and recovery of air transport post-COVID-19. All industry players should look beyond the pandemic and adapt and take steps to help them thrive in this transformed environment. One of the calls to the industry is to aim higher for IT and digital investment. Digital solutions are critical to promote efficiencies and capabilities within the aviation industry.

Trusted by more than 65 commercial aviation customers, MINT TMS is an innovative technology that provides tools for effective resource planning, data collection, and analytics to measure and improve training across all aviation networks, including pilots, cabin crew, and technical training.

MINT TMS agile system has improved worldwide airline training planning and crew training scheduling. And it becomes a solution to support their ability to operate in a very dynamic environment while providing end-to-end management software for any area in aviation training (pilot, cabin crew, and technical employees).

The new Version 14 of MINT TMS includes latest features and long-awaited updates. In addition to general performance and essential security improvements, MINT TMS 14 introduces the option to define password complexity requirements, import and export event handlers, new scheduling criteria, new event definition properties.

There are significant time savings with automatic planning and easy training schedule editing. Training Scheduling can be generated while respecting qualifications, availability, and corporate work rules. MINT TMS handles fixed and flexible shift training rosters, reduces human error, and ensures compliance with existing regulations.

MINT TMS also optimizes and helps to avoid potential penalties imposed on organizations because of non-compliance. The Records and qualifications management feature allows to keep track of various types of qualifications. MINT's engine automatically tracks and displays all related license expiration dates and renewal periods. Many MINT TMS customers have chosen the system to allocate and manage licenses and training and work-related documents such as visas, medical certificates, and any other type of personnel information in the software.

As part of the training cycle, other functions such as electronic grading forms can be accessed from anywhere, online or offline. All examiners can access and register the information appropriately while in live sessions. Furthermore, flexible Curriculum Management supports models and rules according to the organization's needs.

MINT's technology is robust and provides tools for customization, operating the software with confidence and under the highest levels of security. The Web-based design allows access from anywhere at any time.

The customised implementation process will be aligned with the structure of the customer organization to allow a seamless integration into an existing software landscape.

At Brookfield, we understand the importance of presenting robust solutions and innovative technologies to the aviation industry. To get more insights into the numerous benefits of how MINT would be an effective solution for your organization, please request more info here.


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