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Opportunities for pilots in the USA

United States is one of the most desirable countries to work as a pilot due to the benefits and high wages on offer. Pilots with FAA licences and American citizens/ Green card holders or pilots with permission to work and live in the USA are eligible for these lucrative opportunities. Following the alignments of the FAA and the standards of our clients in the USA, Brookfield Aviation International has focused on the North American market and our main goal has been to place the best quality pilots in very important airlines in the US. We have played a paramount roll in the provision of pilots from the East to the West coast, since we have different clients and bases.

Our added value is that pilots can apply directly through us and we can fast track the process. Also, pilots can track on real time their application status, however, most of the time the results are given in matter of days. Additionally, we can redirect the pilot to different jobs. We are going to make sure that your application does not go to a pilot pool where no one is going to check it out.

The pilots in the US are receiving several job offers with very competitive commercial terms and benefits, which we are also offering - high salaries, great benefits and commercial terms with many available jobs for multiple clients.

Here is the selection of commuting and non-commuting jobs we have available in the USA now.

Client #1 - Part 121 Bonus of up to 100K payable the first month of contract.

Client #2 – Part 121

Client #3 – Part 121

This is an open invitation to all pilots that have the right to work and live in the US to apply to any of our jobs or ask for support from any of our recruiters’ team:

This is a great moment to find a job with excellent commercial terms in the USA and we are hoping to help you with your application process.


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