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Leading Flight School for Sale in South Africa

Brookfield Aviation Finance is thrilled to present a unique acquisition opportunity in one of South Africa’s most dominant pilot flight training schools. With a legacy spanning 15 years, the school has firmly established itself as a market leader, providing comprehensive aviation training from O-ATP to Flight Instructor Training.

This is a great acquisition opportunity for Airlines, Training organisations, that want to expand their training capacity, and/or investors who want to own a stand alone profitable flight training business.

Comprehensive In-House Services

The school has a great ecosystem and is little reliant on the 3rd party, which gives the school the freedom and control to capture the growth opportunity.

Having AMO enables the school to have full control of its maintenance and support for the operation needs. This ensures complete control over maintenance and operational support, guaranteeing the highest standards of service and safety as well as meeting the demand for the operation.

Prime Locations and Modern Facilities

The school operates from two strategic bases:

Main Base: Located at a dynamic international airport with 24-hour ATC service and a 3100m x 45m single runway. This prime location is essential for comprehensive flight training.

Second Base: Situated approximately an hour’s drive from the main base, this facility is SACAA-approved, featuring night and NDB facilities along with a refurbished six-aircraft hangar.

The total facility spans 1600 square meters, including hangar and office spaces, all leased.

Tangible assets

· 16 aircraft, of which 15 are owned outright by the company.

· AL250 FNPT2 simulator brand new

· 4 transport vehicles (3 are owned outright, and 1 under finance)

Comprehensive Training Programs

The institution offers a wide range of 14 pilot training programs and certifications (including: PPL; CPL; ATPL; Type rating on C208, BE200, Airbus A320, Airbus A340; Instructor Rating; and English Language Proficiency).

These programs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aviation industry, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their careers.

Student Accommodation and Support

The school provides accommodation in 22 neighbouring rental apartments, housing up to 76 students in a secure area. The staff complement includes 30 ATO admins, 6 AMOs, 5 flying instructors, 11 drivers, and 4 housekeeping staff, ensuring smooth operations and excellent student support.

Promising Future Expansion

With plans to establish additional agencies in Asia and Africa, the school is poised for further growth. These expansions are expected to attract a new stream of students, enhancing its reputation and financial performance.

About Brookfield Aviation Finance

With over 30 years of experience, Brookfield Aviation Finance is a trusted leader in the aviation industry. Our expertise spans the sale and acquisition of airlines, flight schools, and aviation-related businesses, as well as financing and fundraising services. Our deep understanding of the aviation sector positions us as the ideal partner for your aviation business needs.

Contact us for further details and to download the teaser, visit Profitable Flight School for Sale in South Africa.

Contact our team members: ·

Ms Anna Tran via

Ms. Nairah Dinah via

Explore this exceptional acquisition opportunity and secure your position in the thriving aviation


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