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How the Rich Fly

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed soaring demand for charter private jets. This article will focus on rich travellers enjoying this type of travel.

These charter private trips are not just for tourists, but also for businesses, such as for multiple itineraries to see investment targets, or make site visits. During the pandemic, flights have been for “evacuation” out of countries hit by the coronavirus outbreak as well. These charter private flights are the best alternatives to the airlines’ crowded terminals and being shoehorned into a middle seat next to strangers.

For the rich, paying for charter private flights is because of the “Time Value of Money”. An entrepreneur and investor shared: “Instead of spending total 31 hours with normal flights, with private flight, flying from NY to LA and back, I would save 11 hours that I can spend working. My time is worth $2,000 per hour, so the 11 hours are worth $22,000”.

Imagine this:

Versus this:

Or even this…..

Flying private means you don’t have crowded airports, long waits, the plane leaves on your schedule, no baggage claim carousel, no crying babies on the flight, lots of leg space and comfortable chairs, good food/beverages, total privacy and tons of time saved.

· If a private jet is of your ownership, you can literally leave at any given time. You're headed to Los Angeles and want to go to Dallas instead? Mid air you can “divert” the itinerary. As an owner, a pilot is part of your staff, and on call most of the time. Your pilot makes sure your jet is always in airworthy condition.

· Imagine in one situation when we were already in the sky, and got a message from a board member that we were losing a deal. You can negotiate with your board members and solve business tasks. You can have lunch together and have good communication during the flight.

· Some companies give you a chance to be a part of a fractional ownership, just give a four-hour notice before leaving (in most airports to most destinations). Hypothetically, deciding to go to San Francisco from Chicago on a shopping trip or a date? Just pick up the phone and within four hours, you can go.

· You can show up 5 minutes before the flight departs. After pulling up with a car, and there's a valet that takes the luggage on a porter’s cart directly to the aircraft, go through the terminal and walk right up to the jet.

· No standing in line for security – from your car to plane in 5 minutes. The doors close, the plane taxis to the runway and takes off. Incredible!

· Unlike the airlines, you will not be bumped because somebody with status decides to fly. Your flight will not be cancelled or diverted because of your fellow passenger’s misbehaviour.

· Upon arrival, for domestic, just get off the plane, luggage is brought by a valet and placed in the trunk of the car you're taking to leave.

· Upon arrival, there is someone from the airline staff waiting for you with a sign. They whisk you through immigration, have a porter take your luggage and they both walk you to whatever vehicle is waiting for you. The porter loads your vehicle.

A rough example of the cost for a trip from Chicago to Buenos Aires: One-way can be over $100K, however, eight people can travel for that. Round-trip could be $300K. For most of us who travel low-cost, this may seem obscene, however ask most private jet travellers and they will tell you it’s worth every penny.


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