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There is no secret that Private Aviation has seen a smaller disruption in operations during the pandemic. David Simao, CFO of Airjetsul in Portugal has said that “the demand has grown close to 10% since the restrictions of travel were implemented”.

Other Companies like JetASAP, Victor, Blade and Flyjets have managed to make private flying even more popular and affordable to the public. Fly Sharing has offered flights for as little as 100 USD per trip. According to private aviation accounts for 34% of the total airborne flights in the world. Travellers unable or uneasy to take scheduled flights with airlines are presently utilising this very convenient alternative.

However, a bigger demand comes with higher responsibility. Hiring pilots in a short time to cover the demand can be time consuming and relatively difficult for small to medium private operators.

BCS (Brookfield Contract Solutions) offers the private aviation industry tailor-made flexible contracts that enables the operator to hire any aviation personnel, including pilots, management, engineers and cabin crew in a very short time, and most importantly, hassle free, providing peace of mind, so the airline can focus on what is important – growth, in this time of crisis.

BCS sources and hires under its contracts the most experienced aviation personnel with the specific skillsets required by the airline, in flexible terms, fully compliant and most importantly at the time they are needed.

If you are interested in getting a free consultation, please get in touch with Andres Lindarte at


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