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Do You Have an ACMI Requirement?

With preparations underway for Summer 2022, airline network planners are looking at ways of recapturing market share in what should be a very aggressively competitive summer season. As pandemic restrictions start to fade into the background, there is a high urge for global travel, led by families wanting to take summer holidays and expats wanting to return to their home countries to visit friends and family, which will inevitably give airlines looking at trying to position themselves as leaders within the travel industry the opportunity to grab market share that may have previously been in control of a more established airline.

A clear way to build back up to pre-pandemic levels without having to add large numbers of aircraft on dry lease, whilst managing flexibility into your network plan is to factor in ACMI aircraft, allowing for immediate cover of sudden demand. Currently, Brookfield Aviation Leasing is working with clients to provide ACMI solutions, allowing them to be able to add both long-haul and medium to short haul routes into their network. We have noticed that demand for both wet and damp leasing is on the rise, giving very positive signs that the market is recovering and will have a much-needed positive boost for airlines and the overall industry. This demand is mostly seen within narrowbody aircraft, such as B737s and A320s.

If you plan to have any ACMI requirements, please let us know, as we have several widebody, narrowbody, regional jets and turboprop options available. These aircraft will give your network the ability to cover the expected summer demand, but not committing to long-term leasing contracts.

We are also currently looking for new airline partners that have availability of aircraft of all types for both PAX and cargo of any size for sale, charter, or lease. If you have any availability of any aircraft type, please let us know.

For more information, please contact Todd Skaggs – VP Sales and Leasing


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