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Combatting the Shortage of Maintenance Personnel

As the aviation industry emerges from the Covid pandemic, the demand for maintenance personnel is soaring at a higher speed than ever before. This strain in the industry was caused by the withdrawal of a good number of skilled technicians driven by a number of factors such as covid-related layoffs, retirement and ongoing attrition.

Despite this current shortage of manpower resources, maintenance departments have continued to provide the same level of safety the industry and passengers demand. Nevertheless, the requirement of skilled workforce will continue to sharpen as the demand for flying increases.

Boeing’s 2022 Pilot and Technician Outlook projects that 610,000 new maintenance technicians will be needed to maintain the global commercial aviation fleet over the next 20 years. Meeting this demand will be only possible with a steady pipeline of newly qualified talent to replace those who left or will leave the industry.

Undoubtedly, effective training and a permanent supply of personnel remain critical to maintaining the health, safety and prosperity of the aviation ecosystem (Boeing, 2022).

Brookfield Education and Training, part of Brookfield Aviation International, is committed to this mission and offers a number of training opportunities for international students who wish to start their careers as aviation engineers and obtain an EASA part 66 licence.

We also have special programmes for airlines and MROs who require initial training and additional type training for their current engineers and new recruits. Furthermore, through our partners we provide consultancy services to companies looking to establish an EASA Part 145 or an EASA Part 147 training organisations. Please contact any of our representatives at engineers@brookfieldavcom for more information.


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