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C-Suite/ Senior Executive Talent Solution for Airlines

The airline industry has been gradually recovering from the effect of the Covid 19 Crisis. According to IATA, the demand for domestic and international travel in 2022 could reach approximately 93% and 44% of pre-pandemic levels respectively. During 2021, we have witnessed dynamic movement in the industry including an increase in travel demand, restructuring within airlines, as well as many new-born airline operators. All these changes give a positive signal for the recovery progress and give us strong hope for the year 2022 and moving forward.

To run an airline business worth multi-million dollars, requires very strong competence ranging from knowledge, technical skills, experience, strategic alliances, partnerships, vision, leadership, adaptability, flexibility, operation effectiveness, global perspectives and more, to sound upper and timely management decisions. Collectively, they demand that leadership teams put a proactive agenda in place that enables them to not only adapt but also to use these developments to create competitive advantages. In this way, airlines will be able to anticipate looming disruptions that could threaten their business model and potentially even become disruptors themselves in the travel industries.

Credit Source: Virgin Atlantic

At Brookfield Aviation, we understand the challenges and the dynamics of the airline business. Since 1993 we have developed strong relationships not only with the +170 airline clients worldwide that have benefited from our outstanding service for nearly 30 years but also, we have acquired and nurtured solid connections based on our personal and business relationships with numerous airlines and industry leaders, experts, C-Level and senior professionals such as airline founders, directors, chairmen, managing partners, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, chief engineers, directors of flight operations, directors of training, etc, who have been paramount in the successful implementation and current management. We have played a fundamental part by providing strategic personnel in key roles across different business phases from start-up, to established airlines, which contribute significantly to the airlines’ success.

If your airline is looking for C-Suite Leaders and/or senior executive talents to strengthen your leadership team, below are key highlights of what you can expect from us.

  • Global connections built up over nearly 30 years, which allow us to have access to numerous contacts in the aviation industry worldwide.

  • Our international specialist recruitment team have extensive experience in searching for the right candidates for the position requested.

  • An experienced international manager and recruitment specialist team enable us to provide 24 hours-time zone support to candidates and airlines to fast-track the recruitment process, support operational needs and optimise the results within the required timeframe.

  • Ensure the appropriate evaluation of the candidates, including pre-selection screening, background checks, and documentation checks to the relevant aviation authorities.

  • Support the logistics, ensure smooth instructions to candidates during the whole cycle of recruitment selection from the beginning, until successfully hired by the airline.

  • Above all, we work in a totally flexible way and intensively recruit candidates according to the airline’s requirements and procedures.

Please get in touch with me via my email for a confidential discussion. I would be delighted to arrange an exploratory call with you or your team to discuss this topic in more detail. We are looking forward to supporting you in strengthening your leadership team.


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