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Become A Stronger Leader with AAA

Aviation leaders and senior management deserve to be empowered by transformational leadership to maximise their performance and effectively lead their teams to grow, thrive and succeed in this recovery phase of the industry.

As a gesture of goodwill with our industry peers, Brookfield is granting Exclusive Free Access to AAA Leadership Programme Taster; our most premium virtual leadership coaching programme for senior leaders.

What you will get:

  • Access to our self-led digital learning platform

  • The opportunity to experience the following impactful AAA lessons for yourself

  • Find out more about how AAA Programme can transform leadership in your organisation

Module One - Adjust & Find Purpose is all about self-awareness - taking leaders on a journey of self-discovery and self-knowledge.

Every leader can benefit from increased awareness of their unique qualities and a better understanding of their purpose, so they can be more motivated, engaged and inspired to perform at their best.

By getting clear on their own unique contribution, who they are, their strengths, skills and values, individuals gain clarity on what they should do more of to maximise their performance, coupled with increased awareness of their watch-outs to manage potential performance risks.

Module Two - Advance & Align Purpose turns the focus outwardly towards the business.

The intention - to connect and align on purpose.

With increased leadership self-awareness individuals are now able to make a meaningful connection to the overall business purpose, vision & strategy.

It's here the leaders learn about the importance of strategic agility and the value of operational effectiveness. Two very different, high-value activities that must be adopted by every leader. Within this element, each leader will align with wider business operations and strategy to support them in shaping what's important for them, and where appropriate, their teams.

Module Three - Achieve & Share Purpose, focuses leaders on how to engage their people, ensuring they spark engagement, and inspire their people to stretch, grow and ultimately achieve personal and business success.

This final element of the programme focuses on two core traits of a leader: Drive for Results & Humility for People. Here we teach, coach and empower leaders to skilfully balance the two, through the quality conversations they engage in.

Leaders will learn how to mentally build resilient teams, creating an environment of overall wellbeing, building individual confidence, so people are empowered to move beyond what's comfortable.

Leaders will learn how to do all of this respectfully and ethically through shared values.

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