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Be Attractive to Employers

Nowadays, the global environment requires organizations not only to compete in their ability to maintain their operations but also in their ability to effectively achieve economies of scale.

In this sense, the first interest of organizations is always personnel expenses which leads them to optimize the number of employees within the company in order to maintain an efficient team, low in number but high in quality.

In this context, becoming or staying marketable is a very important factor in making yourself indispensable to a prospective employer. This requires continually expanding your skills and knowledge in order to stay current, and in a strong position to compete for jobs in the market.

In view of this data, you can follow the below-given simple recommendations on do’s and don’ts to increase your competitiveness accordingly.

To-Do List:

  • Prove that you are safe and trustworthy

  • Communicate and be realistic and transparent

  • Remember to find the balance between getting feedback and being pushy

  • Check your timeliness

  • Always engage in a professional and respectful manner with a balanced sincerity

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses

  • Keep your existing skills and records up to date, current and relevant

  • Identify any gaps that need addressing to position yourself as a highly valuable employee

  • Focus on developing new skills by self-investing

  • Refresh and update your resume with your recent achievements and current skills and keep records of your accomplishments. And just do it right now, without delay by visiting our website for the best opportunities

  • Keep yourself open-minded and remain flexible about your employment preferences in order to keep your options open to the World’s new career opportunities; avoid limiting yourself.

  • Build a reputable network to keep you top of your contacts’ minds when opportunities arise; keep following us:

  • Keep up-to-date with job advertisements and stay aware of developments and opportunities in the industry; visit and .

  • Ensure your Social Media Presence with your personal brand is updated on Social Media such as LinkedIn

  • Accept “Brookfield Aviation” support as a mentor in developing new opportunities.

Avoid List:

  • Don’t be too pushy, lazy or hostile

  • Don’t lose attention, especially by focusing too much on yourself

  • Don’t have unnecessary and meaningless communication

  • Don’t be unsure of your resume facts

  • Don’t fail to be prepared for questions

  • Don’t fail to have professional questions to ask

  • Don’t ask overly personal questions

  • Don’t neglect the follow-up process

As a result, we as Brookfield Aviation strongly believe that everyone deserves good jobs, and we hope to be a partner in building your grow-up plans with a clear roadmap. Thus, if you are a candidate that needs a companion to find the way together, please contact us via our Job Posts.


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