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Airlines Complete Inspection of 40 B737 Max Planes for Loose Hardware

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India recently stated that 40 Boeing 737 Max planes of the country's domestic carriers have been inspected for potential loose hardware.  


Following the information regarding a missing nut and washer in the aft rudder quadrant of one of the B737 Max planes, Boeing had advised a thoroughgoing one-time inspection of the B737 Max aircraft before the 10th of January. This inspection was reported to be independent of the recent incident involving the failure of the emergency exit door panel on an Alaska Airlines flight earlier this month.  


A senior DGCA official stated that of the 40 planes inspected, only one revealed an issue with a missing washer. "Rectification action as per recommendations of Boeing has been taken prior to the release of this aircraft. Inspection on the remaining aircraft will be completed prior to release for service." he said. 


While necessary rectifications are being carried out before release to ensure safety, this is the most recent in the string of mishaps that have been following the manufacturer since 2018. Keeping in with safety standards that the aviation industry is expected to adhere to, it is imperative that manufacturers conduct routine investigations and maintenance activities, be it with on-site personnel or independent MRO services, also considering the airline's aircraft operations factors to determine whether or not these aircraft are fit to fly.  


Whether provided on-site as part of an airline's division or outsourced to a provider, MRO support has yet to see a significant positive shift following the challenging post-pandemic recovery pipeline. With new advancements as well as a new workforce, finding committed talent for long-term assignments has been difficult. However, further strategies are being implemented for the following years to meet the demand placed by the ever-evolving aviation industry.  


Partnerships are being forged between organisations to create a lasting, growing, committed workforce, and Brookfield Aviation is at the forefront of recognising top-tier talent to introduce to the aviation sector.  

Brookfield Aviation has been a key partner for airlines and aviation providers since 1993 and maintains a long-established record of supplying the very best engineering and maintenance personnel to airlines, MROs, and private operators.  


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