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Education through Aviation- with STEM Flights UK

With the world forever being changed by COVID-19 now more than ever guidance is needed to help support the aviation and the entire aerospace industry, because of this we have created STEM Flights UK.

STEM Flights is a UK based, not-for-profit company that provides middle and higher education students with customized aviation education and flight experiences to facilitate learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Our mission is simply to inspire youth to pursue STEM & aviation careers. Our motivations are to help regain the technological edge the United Kingdom once enjoyed in the World and to increase the numbers of pilot and aircrew careers we need as a nation. The Student, Guardian (or teacher), and a Pilot Mentor (PM) are the core Team members of a STEM Flight experience. It is a highly personalized one-on-one effort. All STEM Flights are provided at no cost, and we encourage student applications from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

STEM Flights uses the cockpit of an aircraft to introduce STEM education and career paths to young adults. Pilot Mentors are paired with a student (& guardian) through our website application. Once approved, Students select a “STEM Mission” in advance and are required to review our online You Tube tutorial prior to the flight to maximise their experience. Pilot Mentors will coordinate the flight details and serve as the STEM instructor. Students complete a detailed checklist of tasks (related to their selected STEM mission) during their flight.

STEM Flights will create a pipeline of students that are interested in pursuing STEM and Aviation Careers. Once a student has completed a STEM Flight, they will receive mentoring and pathway guidance from the Pilot Mentor. Their information will be saved in a database (& updated annually) to track the impact that STEM Flights had on the participating student. Our method will show that early exposure to STEM education and aviation will motivate students to further their education and choose a career in STEM or aviation.

For more information contact or visit our website

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