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Stay Home, Get Fitter and Save Lives

Our skies are empty except for birds, most aircraft around the world are grounded, most countries are in any shape of lockdown and most people must stay and/or work from home. This restriction of our physical freedom is for a major cause to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19 and save lives. However, the mega challenge brings about several consequences on people’s physical and mental health that is now triggering high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, low energy levels, eating disorders and obesity.

The WHO as part of their battle against this horrid virus has announced their official advice to be active from home and/or isolation during COVID-19. By doing exercise at all ages, we ease muscle strain, improve muscle and bone strength, relieve mental tension, improve blood circulation, reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, various cancers, depression, and in elderly the delay of cognitive decline, the onset of dementia and the increase of balance to avoid falls. Thus, the WHO encourages all adults to consider the option of joining an online exercise class by a professional, involving muscle strengthening activities of the major muscle groups and cardio activities to raise our heart rate.

At Brookfield, we take very seriously the mental and physical health of our staff, always encouraging to have active lifestyles. A great example is our CEO David George who in normal times keeps a strict routine of weekly swimming and cycling, and in his 60’s is one of the fittest and the fastest swimmers in the Epsom district. Since 2014, we have partnered with a Level 2 & 3 Fitness Instructor; Susana Trujillo, who is Certified HIIT, Zumba & Strong by Zumba Instructor and Professional Fitness Model in the UK. Susana is originally from Colombia where she was a professional sports woman and several times Martial Arts Champion in Taekwondo. For many years, Susana has made a substantial contribution towards the improvement of many of our employees’ fitness, but now more than ever, her remote training is helping us to overcome the current challenges caused by COVID-19, when all our staff are at home.

Susana’s LIVE classes and workouts on her Instagram 3gsbysusana are designed for all fitness levels and are a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Workout), muscle toning with body weight exercises and bottles of water, martial arts moves and Zumba dancing.

We know how important it will be for all aviation personnel to be mentally and physically fit to reactivate operations with the highest standards of safety, especially for pilots who must comply with medical requirements to keep licences valid. Hence, this an open invitation for our industry friends and contacts to join us to thrive on these challenges TOGETHER and populate the skies soon with fitter, healthier and stronger aviation professionals

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