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How Are Our Aviators Doing Under Lockdown?

The lockdowns and border closures for purpose of Covid-19 containment have had drastic outcomes on our industry, however instead of being negative and bored, you can choose some activities to do so you can come out of this global lockdown better than you went into it. Think of this as an expedition to the great indoors.

Here are some options to help you build yourself physically and mentally.

Connect to the Industry:

With less connections in physical senses with aviation currently, digital connections are the right solution. Keep up to date via aviation news portal or webinars (such as Flight Global, OAG, Air Cargo News, Aerotime, etc.). It’s important to stay connected through other means, not to distance yourselves with the profession. But the trustworthiness and credibility of the news on these channels are very important; this is a point you should note.

Do Exercise

There are various workout videos, online exercise tutorials on Youtube to follow. But we recommend our own fitness expert, Susy. Check this out:

Take Actions to Make Your Hobby/ Passion Work

Studying new language with Babbel or for free; Write your life story; Find out about different cultures; Read books with digital selections of Amazon reading list or eBay books. Listen to audible books.

Declutter your home: Simple but always works.

Spend Time with the Family:

Of course this is a valuable time to stay close with family instead of having busy work schedules. This is not just the opportunity for family to share together but during this difficult time, how parents respond emotionally to a challenge, whether it’s a family crisis or a global one, greatly influences how their kids do as well. Even if we might have to wait for a long (and sometimes can be boring) period for the pandemic to ease, finding ways to be distracted and entertained will be important for everyone to get along in the weeks ahead.

Such as the situation of unexpected incidents on flight, how the pilots react during this situation is a model for good parenting – the best thing to do at this time is to keep calm and centre on the solutions.

Parents can enlist their kids to help with the household duties or take time for enjoyable activities like reading a book or taking a walk.

It might be a good idea to connect the children with family members or the loved ones more by different ways like video calling or having dinner with their grandparents via smartphone, etc.

There are various board games/ card games nowadays to increase skills for children, also for adults: Whist, Rummy, Hearts, Bridge, President, Cribbage, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Chess, Casscassone, Cashflow, or Backgammon, etc.

Baking and cooking: It’s a good opportunity to hone those cooking skills in the kitchen and collectively whip up a tasty meal. For children, weighing ingredients and following a recipe can also help develop their numeracy skills.

Keeping your Kids Educated: Singing, playing music, going for acappella recital or karaoke.

Playing games to kill hours of time: Such as Sudoku, jigsaw (getting lost in a jigsaw is absorbing, stress-reducing and mentally challenging).

Watching movies, documentaries, etc.:

Not only watching via familiar entertainment channels. It might be helpful to mention that America decoded some channels of movies and entertainment for free. Or even simply listening to the radio.

A useful tip: Open the following link, you will see the entire Earth with numerous green dots. These green dots are local radio stations. Touch the green dot and play the local radio station of your choice.

I Hope the above can be helpful with you during this time. Brookfield team wish everyone to stay well, stay healthy. Please take care, stay positive and find sometime for having fun and smiling. It is challenging operating under the current restrictions; however, we are confident we will get through this, together.

Ly Tran

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