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Bringing the Best in Health Insurance to the Aviation Community

It is widely known that Brookfield Aviation supplies aviation personnel for airlines all over the world. Being part of this amazing industry for more than 27 years, has helped us build an in-depth knowledge in finding the best solutions in assisting our pilots, engineers and management during the complex process of relocating outside their native countries. At the same time, we support our airline clients effectively by providing suitable candidates and taking care of their personnel needs.

Regardless of whether you are a pilot, engineer or cabin crew planning a move to another country, or an airline seeking personnel from around the world will certainly present you with much to consider such as accommodation, dealing with local employment laws and medical insurance. We have realised that expat health insurance it is a common concern in our industry. Many people are worried how to keep themselves and families protected and healthy while living far away from their home. On the other hand, our clients are overwhelmed by options when it comes to expat health insurance. Choosing a healthcare plan that fits their specific needs and offers affordable premiums takes time and effort.

In Brookfield we make sure to contribute by looking after our clients’ needs and taking good care of our aviation personnel. Thus, we work with Engage Health Group, a specialist international benefits intermediary, to arrange International Medical Insurance upon our clients’ request. Although it might be easier to have the expatriate personnel covered by a local or government group insurance plan, it is generally much better to have them covered under a global benefit program. Along these lines, we offer to our clients a very good package to attract the best talents, and at the same time we protect our expatriate aviation personnel by offering better access to care.

Benefits of Our International Group Insurance Plan

There are many, but some of the key benefits are listed below:

Worldwide Healthcare Access

The policy is designed to cover the treatment anywhere in the world. Hence, should an expat employee experience a medical emergency that can’t be treated to an appropriate standard locally, he/she and an accompanying family member will be transported to the nearest place appropriate treatment can be delivered.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Underwriting is on a Medical History Disregarded (MHD) basis, meaning that all pre-existing conditions are covered, and no medical declaration has to be signed. On an international benefit plan the medical history is completely ignored. Contrarily, if you are part of a separate individual plan you can find yourself not being covered for something you had in the past.

Family members can be added into the scheme

Being part of a group policy will allow you to add direct family members to your cover, benefitting from the negotiated group rate.

Lower Costs for our Clients

A group benefit plan will usually be much less expensive than a group of individual health insurance package. Due to the large number of pilots we already have insured under this scheme, our insurers, Now Health, apply big reductions to our premiums and hence we are able to pass on these savings to our own aviation community and their families who would like to take advantage of that and join the scheme.

For more information, please contact Dea Hamiti:

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