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New Brookfield Alliance Promotes A-320 Pilots

In Colombia, as in other South American countries, most Cadets who have experience in small jets or turboprops, or who are type rated with low hours on A320 and Embraer 190 for example, are finding it very difficult to obtain a foreign opportunity without reaching the 1500 total hours as a general requirement and also with only a CPL.

Eneida Poveda from Brookfield provides expert advice to Colombian

pilots via remote video link

The full ATPL licence for many of them is almost impossible to obtain without working for an airline, but Brookfield Aviation’s latest collaborator, GTA America, since their opening in Bogota, are helping all these pilots deal with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority to let them obtain the type ratings in most commercial aircraft, keep them current, and through Brookfield give them the chance to work worldwide with our clients to boost their promising careers.

The Colombian CAA recently issued an amendment to the regulations that authorises pilots with the requirements met, to qualify for the full ATPL license, having access through a type rating with an authorized training centre like GTA. The next Latin American Rules LAR 142 certification of their training centre in Colombia, will allow them to increase the range of countries and central and South American nationalities to produce ATPL licensed pilots.

This new standard allows many current A320 co-pilots who have thousands of hours and also pilots with hundreds of hours in other fleets, to opt for a qualification to obtain the licence as an A-320 Captain. In this way these pilots are no longer obliged to wait for years with their current airlines to be promoted to the left seat, and instead allowed with the right qualification to be able to look for new opportunities beyond their current borders.

Fernando Escobar of GTA

Fernando Escobar, Project Manager with GTA says: ​“In my opinion, the visions and objectives of our training centre converge with the objectives that Brookfield Aviation International has, in the sense that both companies promote human talent in aviation in order to meet the demand of pilots in various markets where the demand for experienced and high standard pilots is lower than the supply”

Brookfield has already participated in two different GTA Open Days, as well as talking with new pilots, bringing them all the information and support they could have from an industry expert, and informing the experienced Colombian pilots about the new aviation regulations in order to match pilots ́ expectations, with the GTA capabilities to provide ATPL training and the job market opportunities that Brookfield Aviation has to offer.

Pilots promoted from Brookfield could have high tech simulator training with preferential rates in GTA, to improve their flight skills, aiming to get high scores in the airlines’ skill tests. So if you are interested or need our help please contact:

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