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British Aviation Experience: Inspiring the Next Generation

With the British Aviation Experience going into its fourth year, it has been a great success story for students wanting a career in aviation. The majority of past students who have left school, in some way or another have entered into the industry. This includes both pilot training and engineer training, with many going on to higher education with a focus on a specific discipline within the industry.

On the summer course, students will experience many aspects of the life of an airline professional, pilot or aircraft engineer. This will include flying lessons on light aircraft, helicopter and aerobatic lessons, Boeing full-motion 747 simulator, air law, aviation communications, aircraft maintenance, safety and emergency training. There are also visits to airline headquarters and business jet operations, survival and self-defence training, and lectures from aviation experts. Overall, this course gives students a firm understanding of the industry and where they might fit within it.

We have also seen the number of females attending the programme increase year-on-year, which is something that will only benefit the aviation industry as a whole. One student, Mahek Shah, an aspiring pilot, attended the course in 2019 and is active in promoting the increase of females within the industry in Africa with her initiative called Wings for Women. This programme, geared towards teenage girls in Africa, is instrumental in providing knowledge and guidance to aspiring young females to become pilots.

Dylan Lepicard, a student from the 2018 intake says: “Thanks to the British Aviation Experience and my time in Oxford, I was able to choose the right training path for me. After finishing my high school studies last year, I have passed the selections at Flight Training Europe in Jerez (FTE Jerez) for the Airline Pilot Cadet Scheme. I am also currently in the selection process for the 2020 Flybe cadet program. For the moment, I will start training in early October at FTE Jerez. Hopefully I’ll be a pilot in about 2 years!”

Some students have gone on to study at various universities, including a few that have or will be attending Bucks New University’s BSc (Hons) Air Transport with Commercial Pilot Training programme here in the UK. Others are working within the industry within airport services whilst they aspire by training to become a pilot.

Several students are currently studying aviation or aerospace engineering here in the UK at Loughborough University, University of Southampton and Kingston College. These students will either pursue engineering as a career or use it as a steppingstone to their pilot career, with one engineering student being already accepted to L3 Harris Flight School.

2020 is sure to inspire another group of students to achieve their goals within the industry. We currently have only three more places for the 2020 intake but are taking applications for the 2021 programme. If you are a young person thinking about a career in aviation or know of a young person with an interest in the industry, please get in touch to find out more about the programme. Please contact

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