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Q400 Job Market: Current and Future Perspectives

There are 495 active Q400 aircraft operated among the 50 carriers spread around the globe. On July 26 De Havilland Canada delivered to its biggest African customer the 600th aircraft to support its increasing regional operations. According to data from Ch-Aviation most providers are in Africa, Asia and Europe conglomerating most of the 75% of operators.

As expected, a very big portion of the total of aircraft operate as well in the same market. Europe still accounting for the biggest share of the market followed by Asia and Africa in the Region. Across the Atlantic Ocean, North America stepped up to be the second region with more quantity of Q400 aircraft in the world.

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, purely focused on turboprop is evaluating product upgrades and possible 50 seat version of the Q400, aimed at replacing ageing aircraft in existing fleets, such as the Fokker 50, ATR 42 and Q100/200/300 versions.

The Q400 is an economical, turboprop plane with jet-like performance that can execute steep approaches, operate at high altitudes and handle unpaved and narrow runways. Nowadays, the current passenger turboprop order backlog includes 46 Q400s which aim to be completed by October 2020.

The Q400 job market is competitive but also not very big. Commercial airlines offer different packages and opportunities in order to get the pilots they require. Some of them guarantee within a period, upgrade opportunity to its jet fleet. While others sponsor recurrent training for flight crew running out of time during their applications.

In order to get a job in this market, there are important factors you may want to know.

  1. DASH 8 Experience in Q200 and Q300 variants could be a plus to move to the latest version of the turboprop

  2. Type rated Q400 pilots out of currency may be offered sponsor opportunities for recurrency.

  3. Upgrade opportunities to the jet fleet after some time may be available within the airlines operating jet/turboprop mixed fleet.

  4. The potential job market is growing as more aircraft are planned to be delivered within the next year, while others have been re-activated due to grounded B737 Max jet fleet in some airlines.

Opportunities are available all year and these are on a permanent or contract basis. To get in contact with this market, please get register throughout our job portal and we will keep you posted with current and future positions.

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