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Aviation Manpower: Discover 6 Successful Secrets

With the booming market nowadays, aviation human resources demand is greater than ever. Undoubtably, if you are a pilot, you are bombarded by emails and cold calls from many recruitment agencies as you work hard to finalise an agreement. However, after a long and painful procedure, you may be disappointed by insufficient results. Probably, you were overpromised by the agencies to satisfy your expectations. At first glance, agencies’ services may seem quite similar, but in reality that’s not the case. So, lets have a look:

A normal recruitment agency services:

  • Recruit pilots, engineers & aviation personnel

  • Advertise & promote Jobs

  • Process documentation

  • Manage the contract & payment.

However, those basic services still bring different outcomes, which depends on experience, resources and reputations of each agency.

Today, I would like to give you the six differentiators, which enable Brookfield’s outstanding value to clients and personnel in this business.

1. Multicultural Team & Language Skills

Aviation is a worldwide market, in which differences of values, cultures, mentalities and languages affect to the way people think and do business. That is why, Doctor Pankaj Ghemawat (Harvard Business School) said “Globalisation does not mean forgetting where people come from”. The Brookfield team is a diverse group from different nations. We speak English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Albanian, Indian and Vietnamese. These enable us to adapt quickly in different cultural contexts and remove language barriers, therefore, we well connect with clients and personnel all over the world.

2. Offices in the UK, Colombia, China, Japan, Pakistan and Vietnam,

Imagine how frustrating it would be if you need urgent support and you have to wait for agencies to wake up and respond to your queries. Time is valuable. In some cases, minutes can create a massive difference. Understood this vital matter, our offices in different countries enable to cover 24 hours’ time-zone support and increase outcome to customers.

3. Protect clients’ reputation as the first priority

Building trust and goodwill takes years and requires non-stop effort. It is our work ethic to be transparent with clients and pilots, and channel accurate information, which helps them to make the most suitable decisions. Sadly, among massive competition, some agencies are willing to mislead with information in order to get attention from pilots. It works on some occasions, but it could cause regrettable consequences when they make a wrong decision based on unverified information from agencies. Changing jobs to many pilots means changing their life and relocating family in a new country.

Happy pilots would give positive references to airlines, but unsatisfied pilots would spread negativities, and damage airlines’ reputation. Therefore, it is always our priority to work together with clients, provide feedback for their improvement, enhance credibility and create a desirable working environment. By doing so, it helps clients to increase their competitive advantages than other rivals and maintain their sustainable success.

4. Implement Cloud Technology in Project Management

Imagine if every single communication requires an email; you would sink in the mailbox and lose track of workload. Emails are essential for important matters such as agreements, but not always required for project management. Therefore, we are pioneers in utilisation of cloud platforms, especially for high volume projects, which require numerous processes, documentation, communications and management. By sharing information via cloud tools, it greatly reduces email exchange between parties, but the result is far more productive. The information is constantly updated and stored in the cloud, everyone can work with the same files and see progress without asking. This powerful tool also helps find information and keep track of workload easily.

5. Flexibility to Ramp-up the Team

We are dedicated to the client’s success. Depending on project’s requirement, we can ramp-up the team in order to deliver a requested result for clients. In a successful case study recently, we delivered 50 pilots for over a 6 months period for Bamboo Airways in Vietnam. As per the project requirement, 6 people from the UK, Colombia and Vietnam worked exclusively on that project to streamline a high result for their operational need.

6. 26 years of Experience in the Aviation Industry

We have been successful in this industry for decades thanks to +140 clients’ ongoing trust and cooperation. We are delighted to work on various projects worldwide, understanding the different cultures, regulations, civil aviation procedures, etc. Experience in numerous circumstances, which build a solid experience in dealing with managing expat personnel, recruitment process, contractual matters, conflict solutions, regulation compliant, etc. We understand the market conditions and

personnel expectations, which enable us to provide most suitable solutions for airlines, not only to ensure providing excellent results, but also maximising the productivity.


If you are looking for a serious partner to work along with you and enhance for your sustainable success, look no further, contact us today via, or phone: +441372747044

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