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Paris Air Show: The Positive and the Negative

Paris was on the spotlight during the week June 17-23 with one of the most important Air Shows in 2019 held at Le Bourget. Our expectations in the weeks ahead of the airshow were optimistic about the performance of the commercial deals closed by Embraer and ATR in the growing regional sector worldwide. We have a solid experience supplying reputable airlines operating in the regional market such as Avianca, Air Astana, Royal Air Maroc, Cambodia Angkor Air among others. Hence, we are ready to crew up the prestigious airlines and companies that were part of the +100 deals closed by ATR (ATR42/72 -600S) and 78 deals by the Brazilian maker Embraer (E-190, E-195, E175s).

On the opposite, many companies and airlines within the industry were affected by the B737 MAX crisis after the 2 accidents that caused the unfortunate death of 346 passengers, reason why none expected Boeing to shine at the aerospace show. Furthermore, both Airbus and Boeing’s hopes were to make up for the lost business experienced since the beginning of the year.

However, from our participation at the show, we feel the industry is now looking ahead and focused on the future updates from Boeing on the B797, and from Airbus on its new long haul A321XLR conversion system offered to its clients. In terms of figures, both manufacturers were not empty handed; Airbus as expected, beat this year Boeing with a total of 142 orders including 97 conversions deals from A320neos and A321neos to the newest extended range A321XLR.

The U.S aerospace manufacturer managed to receive a rather surprising offer of intent from IAG to acquire 200 Boeing 737 Max planes, however, this is not officially confirmed and is being challenged by Airbus due to the lack of call for tender from IAG. Furthermore, the American giant closed 35 deals of its 787 dreamliners, 12 orders of 777 a/c and 40 orders for 737-800 converted to Freighters for cargo companies.

Airbus and Boeing operations represent the biggest portion of our business with numerous clients worldwide being supplied with experienced and qualified pilots, engineers, and management personnel by Brookfield Aviation International since 1993. After the Paris Air Show, we strengthened our key relationships not only with existing clients but also had the opportunity to sign agreements with new start-up airlines in S.E Asia which will be operating Airbus and Boeing aircraft in 2020. We are already seeking for senior management personnel, engineers and pilots to join us on these ambitious projects in this competitive and growing Asian region.

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