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Multiculturalism in Brookfield, The Key to Success.

Working in Brookfield is the most rewarding experience. It has been a time when I’ve grown professionally and personally. Of all the list of aspects that I would like to share, today I want to use these lines to talk about the experience of working in a multicultural team.

When people visit Brookfield for the first time they get surprised by the mix of accents, and languages spoken at the same time. According to David George, CEO of Brookfield Aviation: “Diversity has been one of the most important pillars of making of us the leading company in our industry. It has positively impacted our general operation as well as the individual performance of our employees”. In this way, multiculturalism in Brookfield can be studied from corporate and individual perspectives.

From a corporate perspective, working in a multicultural team has equipped us with better connections with clients, a solid base of networking worldwide, a 24 hours operation result of our representatives in different locations and a considerable number of opinions and perspectives in the process of decision taking. However, the biggest impact that multiculturalism has made in our company is to teach us how to be better team players. When a unique vision is shared within a team; as it happens in ours, the members appreciate the value of difference. In other words, when team players accept their weaknesses and recognise the strengths of their colleagues all the efforts are transformed in results that are beneficial for all the members of the team.

A multicultural event: The Brookfield team at Christmas 2018.

Regarding the individual perspective, multiculturalism has provided each of us with a better understanding of cultural differences, it has made of us citizens of the world by promoting a better approach to economic, political and social situations, has expanded our networking worldwide, has promoted an interest in travelling further and in learning a second, third or even fourth language. Working within this environment has provided our team the opportunity of strengthening ties in the personal life and impact in a positive way our working climate. It is common that on our lunch break or on Friday evening all of us gather together to share a Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Colombian, Albanian, English, Pakistani, Jamaican or American dish or why not an international drink.

Therefore, without hesitation I consider multiculturalism is the most valuable asset of our company. It has made us achieve our corporate targets, while impacting positively our personal life. We are a growing business and we are looking forward to expanding our operation by welcoming more and new nationalities into our team.

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