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Looking for a Brighter Future as a Pilot.

Stepping aside from your comfort zone, culture and customs to look for a brighter future.

I have talked to many pilots in Latin America from all over the Continent, people from Argentina to Mexico, and I could say each pilot has different goals and convictions, and depending on that, they could accept or not an international job to take advantage of the outstanding opportunities and benefits that this career could provide them abroad.

Many pilots haven’t realized how much they can grow up professionally and economically within an international airline, nevertheless, for Latin American people it is more difficult to get separated from family, culture and customs - that’s Latin pilots’ main concern and I know it, because I am Colombian and we are very tight to our family. Pilots also have a future outside, we can’t close the doors to ourselves thinking about our family, food, sports, customs …. we need to get over it if we want to achieve those goals that we have set on our minds to get a greater future for ourselves.

Stepping aside from your comfort zone, culture and customs to look for a brighter future.

I have known many Mexican pilots with that desire to go abroad, some of them have taken advantage of what was offered through Brookfield Aviation International, some others are still thinking about it and some others are just not interested - fair enough, but when I hear this negative answer, I ask myself, why do you just let this opportunity pass? - I think the answer to that question could vary depending on the pilot, nonetheless, in general I know it is because they think it’s an uncertain future or how it is going to be in the new country, or what do they eat, or what type of people are they going to encounter, or if they will be as good as in their birth country, or “I don’t want to leave my family”… acceptable questions & thoughts, but you can look beyond; the great picture, like greater incomes, better life style, better comforts for your families, many chances to keep growing up professionally, the international experience that will create more value to your CV and the adventure of living different things than the usual.

I invite you to put everything on balance and think of what the best decision for you and your family is, but, don’t over think it, life is just one and usual things can get boring one day. So don’t waste an opportunity or leave it too late. Come and join Brookfield and work for an international airline.

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