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Education and Aviation: Youth and Future Generations

The origins of Aviation are extensive, same as every crucial moment of our history that led to changes and evolution in the industry. Most of the representation of innovation achievement during decades of development in aviation has been displayed in museums. Sometimes as a purpose of commemoration of a biggest achievement. Also, to let future generations know about the past and to be inspired and curious about this marvelous industry.

Aviation museums and courses educate special all ages in the legacy bequeathed by pioneers of the industry and aviation as we know it today.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum – Washington D.C. There is a very dedicated exhibit to the Wright Brothers and their first successful aeroplane. Its impressive collection can inspire present and future aviation professionals and tell different stories of achievement during the past century. Other shows are displayed to represent the first uses for aircraft. Acrobatic exhibits, indeed has its special room so the public know how the first pioneers developed critical skills and manoeuvres that later would be used as a war advantage.

Military Aviation Museum -Virginia Beach, with a wonderful display of WWI and WW2 aircraft remind us of the first uses that humanity gave to the recent invention – The Wright Flyer. In this place, the collection will allow you to see first fighter aircraft types from around the world. Imperial War Museum Duxford, UK is also very acclaimed for its exhibit on military aircraft during the wars, but this time focused on recording WW1 when opened at 1920. Later broadened to WW2 and modern conflict exhibitions.

Boeing B-29 Superfortress Family (Model 345)

By Julie Brown at The Smithsonian National

Air and Space Museum

Aerospace Bristol - United Kingdom. To live the experience of stepping around the last Concord that ever flew. To recall how supersonic flights were made and to hear tales about how the maker's challenges were overcome to give humanity an aircraft able to fly above the speed of sound. Museum of Air and Space, Le Bourget, France also reflects the remarkable British and French invention in the 60s and compares two different strategical approaches held at that time: Speed for Concorde and capacity for the Boeing 747.

The British Aviation Experience- United Kingdom a course that will give girls and boys insights of how it is to work within the aviation industry. With aviation lectures and seminars, simulator day and pilot flight training. This experience is meant to be the initial flying experience of many of the youth that attends to these two weeks training. This will also allow them to record the first flying hours and to understand what is expected in their aim to pursue a professional aviation career.

Visite guidée Concorde – Boeing 747 at Museum of Air and Space, Le Bourget, France

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