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Brookfield Roadshow – Moving on to South America!

Brookfield Aviation pilot roadshows have been a regular feature of the international pilot recruitment calendar for many years. The 2019 shows have been conducted in London and Madrid in May, Hong Kong, Taipei and Tokyo in June, and now move on to South America for July.

These events showcase the wide range of pilot jobs represented by Brookfield and regularly feature guest presenters from our client airlines. “ With so many different positions to choose from, the showcases give pilots a good insight into what life is like in the different countries where the jobs are based, as well as the opportunity to discuss the terms conditions and experience requirements of each of the airlines represented” said Andres Lindarte, V.P. Commercial Affairs for Brookfield, and one of the main presenters in South America. “These days pilots are ever more discerning about which contract they accept and the new lifestyle they are going to adopt”.

Pilot opportunities with airlines such as Air Astana, Bamboo Airways, Jetstar Japan, Royal Air Maroc, Spring Airlines, Air Macau and many more will be presented in three different locations on the following dates:

11th/12th July: Sao Paulo.

15th/16th July: Bogota.

18th/19th July: Mexico City.

So far more than 300 professional airline pilots have registered to attend, however there are still some places available for any latecomers. Please find the pre-registration forms in the following links: Sao Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City.

Siya Sun from Brookfield addresses the roadshow

audience in Taipei.

We welcome any airlines looking for quality pilots to participate in our shows. Why not take the opportunity to showcase your pilot career opportunities to our audience of professional pilots. We look forward to seeing you all in South America!

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