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Killing Residuals

Many sea and river animals have been affected by the dirty wave that human beings create by throwing garbage to the sea or rivers. We are so inhuman that sometimes we see the damage that we make upon the environment in general, to plants, animals, the air, the Earth and we don’t think of the environment, we only think of ourselves.

Around the world more than 100,000 sea animals such as penguins, whales, turtles, seals, fishes, sea birds and dolphins die, due to the water contamination, especially due to the consumption of plastic bags and plastic bottles. This wave includes all kind of residuals but the main dangers for animals and environment are the plastic bags and plastic bottles, both made from petroleum, a resistant material. It is a horrible death for the animals.

Every country has different laws and legislation that allows them to produce plastic bags and plastic bottles and we can’t do anything to change these laws, nevertheless, we can start recycling in every part of the world, and thus, we will be contributing to stop killing the sea animals and will be helping the environment in general.

Airlines and airports generate unnecessary levels of plastic waste and could implement some worthwhile initiatives:

Educate people and let them know this situation that we are going through. That we are killing animals by using a plastic bag or a plastic bottle. The final destination of the garbage is going to be always to the sea and rivers, so mainly, we must teach people about this situation and its consequences, as well as encouraging the airlines, with a plastic tax if necessary.

“Save money by saving animals” Do this by recycling more in the airports that are running this idea.

A special group of people formed by young people willing to help. I bet there will be many volunteers that would like to start this.

Airports could adapt a kind of big litter initiative at the entrance of the parking lots .

Set an alliance with some stores or restaurants at the airport that want to join this recycle campaign, by getting discounts and rewards.

Stop utilizing single-use plastic in airline catering.

For the airlines this is essential to start helping the environment, since this industry so harmful for the natural world.

If we can’t stop the dirty wave and killing, we can try to reduce as much as we can, using all the resources we do have, otherwise one day we won’t have marine animals and plants and there won’t be any return for this regrettable situation.

Hopefully, once people know what happens when a plastic bottle or bag is carelessly discarded, the cooperation of human beings will increase quickly, but the individuals can’t do this alone, the industry needs to clean its act up very soon.

So, are we waiting for this apocalyptical epoch?

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