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Bamboo Airways: An Ambitious Operation in Vietnam

The Impressive Achievement

Bamboo Airways, the fifth carrier in Vietnam, secured its commercial air transport licence in November 2018. According to the local news, the new start-up airline had successfully operated 1,000 flights within only 5 weeks after its first commercial flight on 16th January 2019. Their aim is to become a 5 star Airline and its services are considered good quality with the lowest flight delays (only 5.5% between 19-Jan to 18-Feb) in comparison with other local carriers. These are encouraging signals for the airline to look forward to further success.

Bamboo Airways currently operates 7 new Airbus 320 family on 20 domestic routes. With its big ambition, the airline’s fleet is expected to expand rapidly up to 30 aircraft by the end of 2019, including Airbus 320 family, Airbus 330 and Boeing widebody 787. In February 2019, Bamboo Airways ordered 10 more 787-9 Dreamliners valued at $3 billion, increasing its total order for the type to 30 aircraft.

Noticeably, from the second quarter of 2019, Bamboo Airways is going to operate international routes, with the first one scheduled to Singapore in April, following China, Korea, and Thailand, as well as broadening to other continents such as Europe, North America, and Ocean Pacific.

Numerous Pilots required for the operation

Brookfield Aviation, on behalf of Bamboo Airways is constantly looking for Airbus A320 Captains and A320 First Officers to fully deploy the fleet capacity. As a part of the fleet expansion strategy for the widebody aircraft, the airlines also require numerous of Boeing 787 Captains/TRE/TRIs and Boeing 787 First Officers, as well as A330 Captains/TRE/TRIs and A330 First Officers in order to launch this new operation from May 2019. To meet the operation plans, the carrier is offering a very competitive benefits package for pilots who are looking for great opportunities with a rapidly progressing organisation.

The recruitment selection is straightforward, and pilots only need to participate in the process remotely from their base. There is no SIM assessment required before joining, with ground training course scheduled every 2-3 weeks. This strategy has been accelerated for the whole recruitment process to save significant time, which brings great value for both the airline and pilots.

Brookfield Aviation International Team Background

We are multicultural professionals based in the UK, Colombia and Vietnam, which enables us to provide a worldwide 24 hour service for both the client and pilots in this project. Within 3 months we have successfully recruited over 30 Airbus A320 pilots for Bamboo Airways and many of these pilots are actively flying for the airline. The feedback is very positive and the pilots have been impressed by the airline’s achievements. The following are a few testimonials from Brookfield pilots:

A320 Captain Anonymous – Russia

“I am really happy to be a part of Bamboo Airways. This is a company with ambitious plans for the future and I am confident all of their plans will become a reality. I want to draw attention to the management and staff who helped us with the ground school. All very responsive and highly qualified, all our issues were resolved very quickly. In general, you can live in Vietnam anywhere because it’s only 30-40 minutes by plane and you are at a beach resort. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to live in another country and get a lot of new impressions and an unforgettable experience!!!”

A320 First Officer Anonymous - Costa Rica

“The processing of documents and interview coordination was great. Brookfield Team is always available to help and answer your queries as soon as possible. The Bamboo Airways staff are a mixture of foreigners and local professionals that will make you feel always welcome and part of the team. Great training and improving every day. Vietnam is a great country to live and work, you will find people, food, products etc from all around the world, nothing to envy from any other city. Nice tropical weather.”

If you want to be a part of this great adventure, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our Team is always available for any enquiries you may have and able to facilitate your successful application with Bamboo Airways.

***APPLY and More Details***

B787 Captain/TRE/TRIs : LINK | B787 First Officers: LINK

A330 Captain/TRE/TRIs : LINK | A330 First Officers: LINK

A320 Captains: LINK | A320 First Officers: LINK

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