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26 years Providing the Best Customer Service Worldwide

In 1993 Brookfield Aviation International became a pioneer in the provision of flight deck crews ( pilots and flight engineers) on the commercial aircraft of the day, many of which are now only seen in museums or perhaps the last one or two flying in some remote outpost. The types included B-727, 737-200, Lockheed Electra and L-1011 Tristars, Hercules, BAC-111, A-300-B4, DC-10 and Shorts-360. As years have passed, the company has evolved its services alongside with the rapid changes in technology that have populated the skies with faster, bigger, wider, lighter, and more environmentally friendly aircraft such as A320, A330, B737 EFIS/NG, B747, B777, B-787, Emb-145, Emb-190, ATR72-500/600, Dash-8-Q400 etc. This industrial evolution has not only brought about numerous opportunities for pilots and maintenance personnel, but also opened new horizons and broken limits for passengers, airlines’ profitability and countries’ development.

Our priority for 26 years in continuous business has been to turn the Brookfield Directors’ vision into a reality and establish the company as the world’s leading supplier of human resources to the aviation industry including pilots, engineers and aviation management (postholders and C-level positions) for start-ups and established carriers worldwide.

The results and achievements speak loudly with +140 client airlines worldwide who have experienced Brookfield’s outstanding performance, delivery and premium customer service. Furthermore, +40,000 aviation personnel have registered on our growing database, demonstrating the strength of the company’s manpower, and having successfully helped around 3,000 pilots, engineers and aviation management personnel from across the globe to find lucrative pilots’ jobs, engineers’ jobs and management jobs with renowned and ambitious airlines.

The most successful strategy for such strong commercial positioning within the industry has been the implementation of an open borders organisational culture, with existing professional staff, most at master’s degree level, from Albania, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, UK, USA and Vietnam. Altogether making our internationalisation one of our biggest commercial strengths with a vast portfolio of +10 professional languages including the most spoken ones in the world; Mandarin, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc, having had a direct and positive impact in our contract negotiations, client and candidate support, advertisement and recruiting campaigns and very importantly cultural understanding of our existing and potential clients and suppliers.

One of Brookfield’s core values since its incorporation has been to improve continuously our clients and suppliers’ service experience to increase their satisfaction. Subsequently, working across different time zones has allowed the company to maximise productivity as per the industry’s 24/7 operations nature. For this reason, offices in India, China, Ireland and Rome were the first to be opened. However, our mission and biggest commitment is to conquer the aviation world, hence and due to our rapid and growing business operations worldwide, we have recently in 2018 opened new offices in Czech Republic, Pakistan, Colombia and Vietnam.

Our team of aircraft Sales & Leasing (Dry-Wet) is strategically located in Karachi, from where we supply our clients in the Middle East and South Asia. At our new office in Prague, we are geographically well located to help the operations of our clients and support our aviation personnel in Eastern Europe. In Colombia, we have opened 2 offices in Barranquilla and Armenia from where are providing strategic and specialised support to our clients in the Latin American region, as well, as maximising coverage for clients based in South East Asia with up to 3/4 of their daily operations. Lastly and given the aggressive growth in Vietnam with our clients: Bamboo Airways for whom we are recruiting A320 Captains and A320 First Officers and JetStar Pacific recruiting A320 Captains JPA , A320 Senior First Officers to upgrade , A320 First Officers , we will be opening in 2019 an office in Hanoi, to not only assist our local clients, but also to provide an improved customer service to other existing and potential clients in the South East Asian region.

At Brookfield, we are committed to growing alongside the industry and to break geographical and time barriers to protect our competitive advantage, look after our clients and support our aviation personnel, being confident we will remain as the best agency in the world.

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