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Taking a Leap into Space

With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, there is no better time than now to implement a cadet programme for the future of British astronauts. In 2018 we have seen the implementation of the Space Industry Bill that sets the groundwork for building a spaceport and boosting the aerospace industry in the UK. Britain will need to build up a solid stream of candidates for an astronaut programme if the UK plans on competing in the international space race we are seeing here in the early years of the 21stcentury.

Brookfield is looking for the brightest students between the ages of 14-18 that have the desire to help the United Kingdom compete in the space race. There will be many exciting careers for young British people looking at entering the industry. The time is now to take the leap into your space career. We are looking for the budding scientists, engineers and individuals that have a strong passion for intergalactic exploration.

On our programme, students will be learning about the mathematics behind rocket launches through computer simulation models, alongside lessons from an observatory that gives an in-depth view into the vastness of space and the various interstellar bodies that make up the huge existence of space. Visits to the National Space Centre will give students a chance to meet and discuss with experts about how they can challenge themselves with new ways of thinking about exploration. A day of zero gravity and a scuba experience will allow students to understand the challenges humans have with adjusting to the change in strength, gravity and weightlessness. Other activities will include visits to industries in the UK that are helping build satellite and aerospace components, visits to a university that put together the experiments that are required for humans to better understand how we can survive for greater lengths of time outside of the earth’s atmosphere and learning how Tim Peake trained for his time in space.

Our programme will give a glimpse into what the industry can offer as a career option for students. If you want to be an astronaut, aerospace engineer, satellite engineer or a person that supports the industry, then this is the course for you. Please contact for more details.

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