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Spring Airlines Japan


Spring Airlines Japan headquarters in Narita

Spring Airlines Japan Co., Ltd. (Shunjū Kōkū Nihon Kabushiki Gaisha) is a low-cost airline headquartered in Kozunomori, Narita, Japan. It is 33% owned by Spring Airlines, a Chinese low-cost carrier, with the remainder held by various Japanese investors. The airline began operations in August 2014, having originally planned to begin operations in autumn 2013.

春秋航空日本株式会社 (Shunjū Kōkū Nihon Kabushiki Gaisha,以下简称“春秋日航”) 是一家低成本航空公司,总部位于日本东京成田国际机场。中国的低成本航空公司春秋航空集团股份持有33%,其余的股份由其他的日本投资者持有。春秋日航成立于2014年8月,原先的成立时间是2013年秋季。



Spring Airlines announced in 2011 that it had plans to establish a subsidiary in Japan; it would be the first Chinese airline to do so. Spring was required to find one or more local partners due to Japanese legal restrictions that would limit its investment to a minority stake.


The airline received an air operator's certificate on 17 December 2013, having filed in September 2013 with 1.5 billion yen of equity capital, of which Spring Airlines invested 33%. The remainder of the airline's capital was provided by Japanese financial institutions, IT enterprises and trading companies, among others. There were plans to raise a further 4.5 billion yen of capital prior to commencement of operations. Japanese travel agency JTB announced in March 2014 that it would invest in Spring Airlines Japan and enter a partnership with the airline to provide Japan tour packages to Chinese customers.


Spring Airlines B 737 800 at Narita

春秋日航的B737-800, 成田国际机场



The airline serves the following destinations:




As of November 2018, Spring Airlines Japan fleet consists of the following aircraft:


Spring Airlines Japan Fleet


The aircraft are fitted in a 189-seat configuration with 18 seats (the first three rows) curtained off as a premium cabin.


Spring Airlines Japan took delivery of its first aircraft, a Boeing 737-800, on 17 July 2013. Although Spring Airlines uses Airbus A320 aircraft, the 737 was chosen for its Japanese subsidiary due to the Boeing's greater popularity among Japanese airlines and the relative ease of finding 737-qualified pilots.


Job Opportunity


Brookfield Aviation on behalf of our client Spring Airlines Japan is seeking B737-800 Captains. The airline offers up to Up to US$180,000 per year with quicker entry process. Contact us for more details. Please find more information and apply it via the link below:


*Source of part statistics and photos: Wikipedia


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