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Education and Training for the Young Generation of Aviators.

Brookfield team at Pilot Careers Live

More than 600 young wannabe pilots visited Brookfield’s “British Aviation Experience” stand at the 2018 Pilot Careers Live Heathrow event in November. Our company has kept spreading its passion for aviation life and sharing the excitement of education and training for the next generation with what is the only course of its kind for the 14-18 age group. These young people have an avid desire to learn, and speaking to the young generation continually helps our team to understand the concerns and desires of the future aviators and inspire its range of services.

The insufficient number of pilots and aircraft engineers is always in the spotlight of the aviation industry. It is reported that the industry is expecting an increment of 255,000 pilots in the next decade and 679,000 MRO technicians in the next 20 years. But the question for the boys and girls starting out is how to start their careers in this industry and in which discipline.

Aiming to bring the young generations one step closer to their aviation dreams, the Brookfield Education team introduced the British Aviation Experience to future aviators in 2016. This innovative course is an excellent opportunity for the youngsters to step inside the aviation industry. It gives the students an overview of the industry and professional experience in various aspects of being a pilot or an aircraft engineer. In the past years, Brookfield Education and Training team has helped the young aviation enthusiasts to complete their aviation dream and witnessed their achievement and growth.

In order to further extend its enthusiasm on educating and training the next generation, Brookfield Education and Training has signed a new partnership with Lufthansa Technik Shannon, where students can get valuable professional training and be able to apply for the engineer’s A licence.

If you are passionate about aviation life and interested in our programme, click here to learn more about our courses (More information about British Aviation Experience and Lufthansa Engineer Training Course)

Or contact us directly for more information:

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