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UK – Building our Space Future

The Space Industry Bill is a new act that got Royal Assent on the 15 March 2018 here in the United Kingdom. The timing of the new bill is creating an additional framework for the space exploration industry to have a driving force from Britain, as the UK leaves the European Union. Currently there are British aerospace companies that manufacture, produce, test and supply a plethora of services to the aerospace industry, but will now have additional momentum from the Space Industry Bill. The UK has ambitions to become a leading player in the industry by providing spaceports, allowing for rocket launches to set off and eventually setting the groundwork for the space tourism industry to have a major hub in the UK.

Picture: GOV.UK

Targets have been set hoping to increase the British global share of the space industry from 6.5% to 10% by 2030. Sam Gyimah the Science Minister explains: “The Space Industry Bill offers an exciting opportunity for the UK to soar to new heights and be at the forefront of the commercial space age. Through the government’s ambitious Industrial Strategy, we are working with the sector to pursue pioneering commercial space opportunities, including developing new technologies, infrastructure and services. This will open up the UK to new frontiers, transforming the way we live, and establishing us as a space flight leader.”

This bill will give the UK its first spaceport, allowing for Britain to commercially compete with other international space programmes. As the location has not been officially announced, eight locations in 2014 were identified by the government: Stornoway Airport, Newquay Airport, Kinloss Barracks, Llanbedr Airport, Campbeltown Airport, RAF Leuchars, Glasgow Prestwick Airport and RAF Lossiemouth. British Transport Minister Jo Johnson explains: “Access to space is the final piece of the puzzle for the UK space sector and forms part of the government’s Industrial Strategy – helping to drive growth across the country and unlocking hundreds of highly-skilled jobs in our regions.”


The creation of highly skilled engineers to support this growth will be essential to reach the potential the British government strives to achieve. Competition to attract to brightest students to study as aerospace engineers is a focus of interest of governments worldwide. Strategies from the British aerospace industry and the British Government needs to be robust to ensure Britain will be a leading attraction for the future of space exploration. Brookfield Aviation is working with partners to help build this next generation of aerospace engineers and pilots. If you are a student looking to take your part in the future of British aerospace industry, please get in touch with us to find out how to start your career.

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