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The World’s Pilot Shortage and the Solution

As the world becomes smaller and countries seem closer together, technology accelerates the process and generates curiosity for people to explore. Every day more and more people travel for business, leisure, study, medical conditions and family visits. However, as travellers increase, pilots are in greater demand and the shortage of pilots is now severe worldwide.

Many airlines are worried about the pilot shortage in the industry around the world, and seek help from different perspectives to solve the problem. Companies such as Boeing and Airbus are increasing the capacity of instruction of new pilots, testing self-flying planes and so on.

Globalisation has an important impact with a positive and negative side. From the positive side it generates opportunities to open borders and allow countries to recruit international pilots. The big example is the Chinese market which actually is changing and opening doors for Colombian pilots. Another clear example is the Latin American m

arket, where processes have been slowly opening and some regulations have changed to satisfy their demand with expatriate pilots. On the other hand, the negative aspects fall on airlines in the world which are sometimes unable to offer attractive and competitive salaries to their employees. Airlines in Central America, Asia and Africa particularly suffer in this way, where pilots emigrate finding better conditions outside their countries. Some small airlines shut down because they cannot survive by offering attractive salaries to keep their pilots. Pilots are leaving their jobs, countries and all life behind, looking for new opportunities with big companies in India, China and other markets in the world; where conditions compared with their present airlines are hugely different.

As a company with a vast trajectory in the aviation field, Brookfield, with its 25 years of experience, feels committed to generating great contributions to the industry from its operations. However the movement of experienced pilots from one place to another does nothing to solve the worldwide crisis, it merely satisfies the demands of rich airlines at the expense of the poor. The only solution is investment in training - not only pilots but also engineers, ATCOs, dispatchers and more. To achieve this Brookfield promotes new generations to develop their interest and passion with the aviation world. Our unique course in the UK well known as ‘the British Aviation Experience’ gives young people the opportunity to explore all aspects of the industry. See:

As a company and always seeking the goal of contributing to the improvement of the industry, Brookfield collaborates with education and training programs, opening business opportunities with new markets.

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