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Combination of Culture and Strength-Urumqi Air

Approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China, Urumqi Air was established by Urumqi government cooperating with HNA on November 18, 2013, which is located in Urumqi, Western China.

Adhering to the HNA corporate culture and striving to build local airlines brand legend, Urumqi Air is committed to further optimize the environment of Urumqi economic and aviation service brand building in Urumqi city and to promote the development of Urumqi modern service industry. In line with the "foothold in Xinjiang, the national service" concept Urumqi Air adheres to the regionalization, localization operation and is into a service in regional economic construction and development of aviation group enterprise. In the implementation of economic development at the same time, Urumqi Air integrates social responsibility values into the enterprise development strategy to explore the corporate social responsibility and strategic target fusion point committing to the harmony of enterprise value and social value.

Since its establishment, Urumqi has had "safe, fast and considerate" as its service concept. Urumqi Air will actively respond to the initiative of “One Belt One Road” to accelerate the speed of aircraft introduction, to increase transport capacity in Xinjiang area, gradually open the international routes of central Asia, West Asia, South Asia and Europe, and promote the development of the frontier.

Urumqi Air expresses wonderful culture to the world as well, especially by its Logo. The Logo integrates two elements including Ed with silk and flying dove. Three kinds of color Ed silk shows that the ancient silk road has three roads through Xinjiang, interprets the historical and cultural characteristics of the Urumqi. The blending of three colored silk also reflects the communication and blend between Urumqi Air and Urumqi's local culture; the "peace and friendship" concept symbolized national unity and common development. The colour of the new Logo from Xinjiang Ed the elements in the silk, with gold, purple and green color, represents the auspicious, happiness, growth, strongly to convey the spirit of regional culture in Urumqi.

Based on profound culture, Urumqi Air has a quick development in recent years. By the end of March 2018, Urumqi aviation operates twelve B737-800 aircraft and one E-190 airliner. The main business scope includes air passenger and cargo transportation, agency between airlines, aviation equipment maintenance, aviation equipment import and export, aviation catering service, etc. Urumqi Airlines has opened 34 cities including Karamay, Kashi, Akesu etc., a total of more than 8 million hours of safe flight, safe transportation of nearly 5 million passengers, 2015-2017 for three years of normal flight rate in Xinjiang, the main airlines are the first, the basic formation of the Urumqi International Airport as the center, the main city of the domestic route network framework, the country.

In February, 2013, the people's government of Urumqi signed a strategic cooperation agreement with HNA group, and the two sides cooperated to establish Urumqi Air based on the main operation base of Urumqi fort international airport.

On August 20, 2014, the first passenger plane, Boeing 737-800, has been received since the establishment of Urumqi airlines. The aircraft landed at the international airport in Urumqi, Xinjiang.

On August 28, 2014, Urumqi Airlines Co., Ltd. officially accepted the operation certificate issued by civil aviation administration of Xinjiang.

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