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Become an "Export Pilot"

While the world struggles in unknowns related to international job opportunities, an interesting phenomenon emerges in the aerospace industry. The recent situation of many aviation professionals in Latin America, with resumes charged with years of experience and important achievements envisioned a grey future for them.

From left to right: Esteban Tieck and Jhon Probst – A320 pilots going to Kazakhstan

However, those who trusted their knowledge, their experience and their own willing to take a step forward in their careers, decided to look for new horizons outside the national circle, expanding their individual “Runway Visual Range” to find possibilities for them and their families, sometimes in the most remote countries in the planet.

Consequently, many of them, challenging their own convictions and exposing their family tranquility and stability, left that comfort zone that bound them to uncertainties and doubts, and decided to give it a go: Juan Pablo Calle, A320 Captain said, “I remember when Brookfield Aviation introduced Air Astana’s job opportunities, I had to go to Google first to find out what country they were flying in, I hadn’t heard anything about Kazakhstan even when I was at school”

Team Work

Esteban Tieck, one of the first A320 Captains arriving in Astana in February this year, has been a great help to those who were either undecided or the ones who needed help with some of the legal processes related to the job: “We pilots like to have all the information ready, I am used to doing summaries of the internal procedures to other pilots, so I decided to write my experience doing the SIM assessments, from the moment you get to the Airport in Amsterdam, to the Simulator itself, I also created an infographic that will help pilots to get the Kazakhstani visa quicker, I am helping others to take an informed decision. I find personal gratification in it”


“The only thing I knew from Kazakhstan

came from ‘Borat’, but it’s

the same as getting to know

Colombia from the series ‘Narcos’”


Esteban has a lot of expectations: “...overall, I don’t feel afraid, I know how to fly the plane, the most difficult is the human and personal side of the decision. What excites me is what I am going to learn: new airports; new procedures, new cultures, flying in winter over the Altai mountains of Mongolia. This is going to be something very new for me, a professional and personal “jump” in my life” I feel like a Spanish explorer of the 13th century”


Jhon Probst, A320 Captain who will join Air Astana in March says that even though Kazakhstan is an unknown destination for him and his family, he has found the positive side: “the possibility to open the landscape to my daughters, I want them to grow up in the world, not in a city. I wish they can improve their English and also learn Russian and Kazak, I want them to absorb all they can to learn and to have in the future an international experience that I couldn’t have at their age”.

The commuting contract is probably the best option for Latin American pilots, as they work an average period of 6 weeks in a row after 2 weeks off continuously. This gives the opportunity to manage personal issues in their countries, as well as keep in touch with their families. All the Airlines in the world who offer this kind of contract, also help the pilots financially with either travel allowances or free tickets to travel on theirs or their partner’s networks.

How to become an "Export Pilot"

The most important thing is that you have to be currently flying, that will give you a great advantage.

  • Have your ICAO - ATPL licence with the type rating of the aircraft you want to fly. If you have a CPL or a Frozen ATPL you will have less chances to start your international career.

  • Your Proficiency check must be valid for at least 3 months.

  • Most airlines ask for no-criminal records, log books, ICAO english level certificate and a medical class 1. Get those in order.

Apply online

  • In Brookfield we have at least a hundred job opportunities on MEP, narrow and wide body all over the world. Go to

  • Make sure your licence is accepted by the Civil Aviation Authority of the country you want to work at.

  • You will need to be registered with us, some airlines might ask you to complete their own registration form.

What happens if you are shortlisted?

We will invite you to a screening that usually consists of:

  • Skype Interview

  • Document check

  • Medical Check

  • Psychometric test

  • Simulator session

Got the job?

If you pass all the tests and document checks, you will need to apply for work permits, security clearance and other processes related to your stay in the new country.


Don’t worry, we take care of all the difficult things… At the end of the day it is our job to get you a job.


Airlines provide visa support, housing and even help you and your family to have a smooth transition to your new life as an expat. You just need to take the chance and apply. We will help you all the way. We offer plenty of life changing opportunities, the only thing you need to do is to go for it. We will do the rest.

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