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Helping Monarch Employees in their Hour of Need

The demise of Monarch Airlines, one of the oldest establish airlines in the UK was a cause of great sadness and concern for passengers, staff and everybody who had been associated with the airline in its 50 year history. Estimated losses of £100 million GBP for 2018 were too much to bear. Thousands of passengers were repatriated under the CAA’s emergency rescue scheme and job losses were around 1,900 – pilots, cabin crew, management, customer services, ground operations, IT, accounting, and from every department in the company.

Brookfield Aviation’s long relationship with Monarch dates back to 1994 when some of the airline’s Airbus 300-600 pilots were seconded to one of our contracts in Argentina, and so we were more than happy to respond to a call from the Monarch outplacement team to help redeploy some of their redundant staff, accepting the invitation to attend the job fairs they had arranged in Luton, Manchester and Gatwick

The quality of all Monarch employees is very high. The pilots have been in considerable demand and many have already attended some of our client airlines’ screenings. We have also been able to offer positions to some of the very experienced A-320 cabin crew and some of the management.

“Interest in the jobs we have to offer has been immense” said David George, CEO of Brookfield at the Luton event, “and we are very fortunate to have so many quality airline clients with positions we can offer. Many of these people will be re-employed very soon”.

Any airlines interested in hiring any of the former Monarch A-320 pilots or any of their former employees are welcome to contact Brookfield Aviation and our staff will be pleased to help. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the outplacement team of Monarch who not only organised some excellent events but also made the Brookfield team and all attendees very welcome. We wish them well for the future.

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