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Brookfield Aviation: Fostering International Human Talent

We all have those passions and talents that we would love to employ in our lives or as part of our jobs to feel ourselves useful for society and to make our lives more meaningful.

One of Brookfield’s organisational core values is to guarantee that staff not only grow within the aviation industry as specialised recruiters and managers but also to support and foster talents and passions that are important for the personal and professional development of all team members.

The company strives to employ not only professional practitioners at Masters degree level from recognised universities in the UK, but more importantly, to attract individuals that are driven, proactive and eager to achieve goals outside work.

Two key personnel are good examples of the fostering culture at Brookfield. Firstly, one of our top recruiters, Financial & Development Analyst, Anna Tran, who is originally from Vietnam and with a BSc. in Accountancy and a MSc. in Management with Finance from BPP University in the UK. Owing to her outstanding academic record, her rapid progress within the aviation industry with considerable business contributions to Brookfield and her constant support and mentoring activities to the Vietnamese students, Anna has been appointed as Alumni Ambassador for Vietnam, which is the highest recognition issued by the university for any former student from any country.

Anna loves finance and every opportunity she has to get involved in the financial world, she takes it. This proactive attitude has paid off, as recently, one of her financial reports on the outlook for the airline industry in 2017, was exclusively selected by one renowned German Bank (Commerzbank) to be published on their ‘’Thinking Ahead’’ Magazine (issue 96 in July/August 2017).

A second example, is our Business Development Manager, Paul Osorio who has a BSc in International Business and a MSc in Management also from BPP university and black belts in Taekwondo and Hap-kido. Paul obtained the highest grades among his peer colleagues at BPP, which helped him to be assigned as Business Mentor for International Students and also awarded as Alumni Ambassador for Colombia.

Paul has a strong passion for coaching and mentoring others inside and outside work, as well as for his martial arts and fitness training. He is constantly involved with Latin American charities and governmental organisations to give talks and workshops on Personal Branding, Strategic Communication, Recruiting and others. Recently, he was assigned as the Keynote Speaker for a series of professional seminars held by “Connections & Opportunities”, the largest Latin America charity in

the UK.

On the martial arts side, Paul held recently a specialised Cockpit Self-Defence seminar to a group of cadets as part of “The British Aviation Experience” and he was also selected among +10,000 applicants to film a martial arts and fitness project as part of an European campaign to inspire others to overcome difficulties through the practice of sport.

At Brookfield, we are not only 100% committed to delivering outstanding quality service to our clients and continuous support to our aviation personnel, but also, we strive every day to support our managers and worldwide representatives with their passions and dreams, so, they remain motivated and inspired in life and therefore exceeding expectations and taking our company and the industry to the next level.

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