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Pilots have their say on working in China

Getting a well-paid job is a goal for very many people, and there are not many jobs as well remunerated as that of an airline captain in China. Brookfield has supplied the best and largest Chinese airlines with pilots for more than ten years. Pilots wishing to work there need to be prepared for a long and thorough selection process, however for those who are successful, the rewards, both professionally and financially are substantial. We recently conducted a survey, the results of which are published below, together with answers to questions put to us by various pilots. Any pilot wishing to work in China, please click here:

Survey Pilots job in China 394 Participants

Would you relocate to China if you can earn more than $250,000 per year and excellent benefits?

Would you persist in completing the process of the screening if it takes more than 6 months?

In Which city would you like to live?

What is the most important for you when you choose a job?

Do you want to learn Chinese culture and language if you get a job in China?

Would you want to move to China with your family if you can earn $350.000 per year and live in an international city with different culture?

Comments and Questions from Pilots:

Pilot: I am okay to work in any city in China.

Brookfield: That’s great to know.

Pilot: If I accept work in China, can I get a direct upgrade?

Brookfield: Some of the Chinese airlines offer this kind of opportunity, including instructor and captain upgrades.

Pilot: My wife is originally from Hong Kong. We live in Bangkok now.

We both have working experience working in mainland China. I’ve been based in Shenzhen. We would prefer to work around Hong Kong or Thailand since my daughter studies in Bangkok. We don’t want her to move to another city this time.

Brookfield: Spring airlines offer an opportunity with a base in Bangkok.

Pilot: I am only interested in a commuting contract or reverse basing in Europe.

Brookfield: Hainan airlines would be your best option for this.

Pilot: Probably I would start first 6 months as a first officer and then as a captain.

Brookfield: There are not too many first officer opening positions at the moment in China.

Pilot: Health Insurance needs to be provided when I work in China.

Brookfield: Different airlines offer different health insurance options, and there is also a Brookfield scheme.

Pilot: Do you have opportunities for first officers for long-term contracts?

Brookfield: Yes. But currently this position is on hold.

Pilot: Roster pattern is important but if relocation is needed as well payment terms are very important.

Brookfield: Airlines always offer many different options.

Pilot: It is a pleasure to perform by the highest standards in the aviation industry. It is a challenge I am glad to take. A move to China as a pilot with a good pay and roster pattern is what I am looking for. I have no idea that I would live in aforementioned cities. If I intend to work and live there, learning Chinese culture would come along.

Brookfield: Learning Chinese culture is very important for every foreign pilot who works in China. Our local staff always assist our pilots to learn the Chinese culture.

Pilot: I’d love the experience. For me, China means money, that’s the reason I go.

Brookfield: Our Chinese airline clients offer very attractive salary package for sure.

Pilot: Commuting would be favorable.

Brookfield: Some airlines offer a commuting base. Most of the airlines offer 4weeks on /4weeks off commuting contract as an option.

Pilot: A position in China would be great if the conditions and education for the kids is included

Brookfield: Most of the Chinese Airlines have agreements with local international schools that offers foreign employers’ children a great education package.

Pilot: I like to work in China as a captain.

Brookfield: Great Choice!

Pilot: I love the Asian people.

Brookfield: We believe you will love Asian cultures.

Pilot: If there is a chance I would like to go and fly in China. I want to live with my family there.

Brookfield: We believe you will definitely enjoy this special life experience with your family there.

Pilot: I think at least a part of the screening could be done in Europe. Maybe a medical check, ATPL exam, simulator. Candidates should be provided with ATPL preparation. Most of the candidates are very experienced captains.

Brookfield: Airlines always come to Europe for roadshows that gives candidates an opportunity to know more about this airline. The qualified pilots will be granted an opportunity to participate into simulator check sessions with their instructor at the meantime. The next Brookfield roadshow will be in July at London Gatwick

Pilot: Salary and side benefits are important but communication and a warm atmosphere in the cockpit and in the company also important.

Brookfield: We would recommend a proper airline to every applicant according to his concerns.

Pilot: I think it would be good if we could set up a Chinese medical centre somewhere in Europe to test pilots to the China class 1 medical standards.

Brookfield: It may be coming very soon.

Thank you for participating and look out for the announcement of our next Brookfield China roadshow in early July.

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