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Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

It is always hard to judge a good book by its cover, but even more difficult to judge a country from a trailer.

For those who haven't seen this "mockumentary", it tells the story of Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen), a Kazak Journalist who's prime objective is to learn from Americans how to improve society in his home town.

Borat creates different life scenarios where he patronizes the Kazak culture making them appear ignorant and uneducated. I've recently visited Almaty, the second biggest city in Kazakhstan (even my mother was against the idea), however I am very privileged to represent Brookfield Aviation with our client in Almaty, Qazaq Air.

The flight from London wasn't too bad. Air Astana has very good service and a brand new A320Neo in their fleet, so the whole journey was very comfortable.

As soon as I got to Almaty from the capital, Astana, I was astonished! the natural beauty of the city, very much like Moscow but greener. You could clearly see the astounding mountains bordering the city and the best thing is that you can go there by bus from the city centre paying only 20 Tenge (Around GBP 0.05p). The parks, the shopping centres, cafes and the most incredible food I have ever had, the only personal food comparison I have with Almaty is Buenos Aires. Foreigners are very welcome, Almaty is probably one of the most European cities in Kazakhstan….. I can't wait to go back.

So if you would like to experience life in Almaty and happen to be a captain or first officer on a Bombardier Q-400, please get in contact. Full details on

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