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Air Traffic Needed

Oradea International Airport has recently upgraded both the runway and the terminal and are ready for business. As the Western Gate of Romania, Oradea International Airport is very well placed to serve central Europe. Nestled almost equal distances from city capitals including Bucharest, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Belgrade and Bratislava, Oradea Airport’s new facilities will offer any airline or training organisation a perfect place to serve the surrounding community.

Oradea Airport was certified as an airport open to international traffic in August 2012 through The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The HG 791/2009 inspection has taken place and the airport fulfils all the conditions required by law to open to international travel. All work done to the airport’s premises was done in accordance with the Regulations of the European Committee number 139.

They now offer a new runway that is 2100 meters with a width of 45 meters, which makes it 300 meters longer than the old Oradea runway. The new runway has been equipped with a 2nd category beaconing system, allowing airlines and pilots to operate in poor visibility conditions. Their terminal now offers all the modern amenities allowing it to compete with all other international airports in the region.

If your aviation business is looking for a perfect place to base in Central Europe,

is ready to speak with you to see how they can offer you a modern, safe and strategically placed base. With a right approach, a short-courier aircraft could fit in perfectly and could be a success story for the airline and the community.

If you would like to know more about this airport, please contact Todd Skaggs, VP Strategic Partnerships at Brookfield Aviation, at We will provide you with useful information about the surrounding area, surveys and an overall outlook of the airport.

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